Why Skin Detox Is A Must For Every Woman?


Why Skin Detox Is A Must For Every Woman?

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Do you know that skin is the largest organ of elimination? It is responsible for about 10 to 15% of the total elimination of the body and is sometimes called the third kidney.

So, how do you go about detoxifying your skin? Well, dry brushing is one quick and powerful way to enhance the process of detoxification. It is pleasant, easy and yields awesome benefits.

Why Skin Detox Is A Must For Every Woman?

Dry brushing-why skin detox is a must

Dry brushing not just improves the appearance of the skin by removing the dead cells but also helps new skin to regenerate. The process is known to stimulate the circulation of blood, the lymphatic system and enhances the elimination of toxins.

When you do dry brushing with the brush, the massaging effect of the bristles is known to be helpful in eliminating cellulite. Read about cellulite here!

Gently brushing the skin stimulates the lymphatic system and is known to be the best natural lymphatic cleansers. The lymphatic system is made of lymph vessels, lymph nodes, and organs. They are the body’s defence system. The lymphatic system acts as a filtration system to prevent foreign matter such as bacteria from entering the bloodstream.

Dry brushing the skin will stimulate the lymphatic system and activate all its functions along with encouraging blood circulation and regeneration of cells. Both these actions promote detoxification, cellulite reduction and weight loss. It is also capable of improving body tone and radiance of the skin.

What do you need for dry brushing and how to do it?

It is advised that you do dry brushing regularly. The equipment you require for dry brushing is…..no prize for guessing……….a brush with natural bristles; it should have a long handle. If you don’t have a brush you can use a loofah too. Brush well for 5 minutes. Brush in circular motions preferably beginning with your feet and moving up your thighs. For the upper body brush your arm and move towards your armpit, then move to the other arm. Brush your torso so that you brush towards the heart. Finish off with little circular brushing around the shoulders and neck. However, avoid the face  as the skin is quite sensitive there.

dry brushing

Brush the abdomen from the right to left in the direction of the natural flow of the intestines, do it in circles to massage your colon. Don’t forget your hips and thighs as it will help treat cellulite.

Generally, it is beneficial to brush towards the body’s core. Remember to brush in a gentle manner. Avoid brushing over cuts and wounds.

Dry brushing the whole body will take just 3 to 5 minutes in total. You should brush the skin when it is dry and follow it with a hot shower to wash of the skin’s dead cells.

To complete your detox you should go in for a 10 min cold detox bath. This bath encourages the elimination of toxins, waste and fat.

The whole procedure of skin brushing, hot water shower and detox bath would not take longer than 30 minutes and it is much better than any detox spa treatment, the best part being that it is free!

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