Why Squats Should Be In Your Exercise Routine?


Why squats should be in your exercise routine?

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Are you dreaming about getting a toned and fit body faster? Well your dream can come true if you include squatting exercises in your workout routine.

Squatting exercises are most desirable because they are simple, can be done anywhere and don’t need any kind of equipment. They can easily fit into your exercise routine.

Squats are not just leg exercises, they qualify as exercises that works the whole body including the core.

Why squats should be in your exercise routine?

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1. Builds your entire body muscles

Squats naturally help in building the muscles in your legs. At the same time they create an environment that promotes building of all the muscles in the body.

If done correctly, squats can trigger the release of testosterone and the growth hormone in the body. These are essential for muscle growth and also for improving muscle mass when you train other parts of your body apart from the legs. Thus, squats help strengthen both the upper body and lower body.

2. It is a functional exercise that makes real-life activities easier

Exercises that help you perform real life activities are called functional exercises. These are not like the ones that simply make you able to operate gym equipments. Squatting comes naturally to us as we have been squatting since we were hunters and gatherers!! Performing squats helps in building muscles and makes them work more efficiently improving balance and mobility.

3. Burn more fat

If you want to burn more calories the best way out is to gain more muscle. For every half a kilo of muscle you gain your body will burn an extra 50-70 calories per day. For instance, if you gain 5 kilos of muscle you will burn 500-700 more calories per day than you used to burn before.

4. Maintain balance and mobility

To stay mobile as you age you need strong legs. Squats are helpful in increasing the strength of your legs. Along with the legs they work out the core and stabilize the muscles, helping in maintaining balance. The communication between the muscle groups and the brain is also improved that prevents falls.

5. Prevent Injuries

Squats help strengthen muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. By improving the body’s flexibility, injuries are prevented.

6. Boost your sports performance

People who do squats can better their performance at sports. Athletes are very much benefitted from squats; they can jump higher and run faster. That is the reason why squats are a part of every athlete’s workout routine.

7. Tone your backside, abs and entire body

There are very few exercises that work as many muscles of the body as the squat. It is a multipurpose activity that tones and tightens your rear, abs and your legs. Also, squats build up your muscles that participate in protecting you against, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.

8. Help with removal of waste

Squats improve removal of waste and delivery of nutrition to all body parts. They also help with regular bowel movements.

The proper way to perform a squat

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Squat exercise has been thought to be destructive to the knees but this isn’t true. According to research done it has been found that if done properly, squats improve the stability of the knee and strengthens the connective tissue.

  1. First you need to warm up
  2. Stand with the feet little over shoulder width apart
  3. Keep the back in a neutral position, and keep the knees centered over your feet
  4. Slowly bend the knees, hips and ankles, lowering until you reach an angle of 90-degrees.
  5. Return to the starting position — repeat this 15-20 times,do this two or three times a week
  6. Inhale as you lower, exhale as you return to starting position.

Do include squats in your work outs and see the results!

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