Why Women Find Losing Weight Tougher Than Men


Why women find losing weight tougher than men

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I know a lot of couples who work out together at the gym. Supposing they set a weight loss target for themselves, the lady is going to get disappointed as the man is going to surge ahead. You read it right! It is harder for women to lose weight in comparison with men. So, to avoid any feuds it would be better for you workout separately!!

Weight loss for women difficult

It is a scientifically backed fact that men draw more benefits of exercise than women. To get the same health benefits that men get, women have to work harder. That involves diet as well as exercise.

Why women find losing weight tougher than men?

Well, the answer to that would be- body composition. The proportion of muscle in men is higher than that of women. The rate of metabolism in muscles is higher than that of fat.

This means that even while resting men burn more calories than women. This directs only in one way- women need to put 85% of effort to achieve a weight loss goal that the men can achieve with 65% effort. Moreover apart from exercise women have to focus on their diet as well and men can get the same results with exercise alone.

Now this is not fair!!! I challenge gender equality here!! 🙂  😉 But what to do, it is nature. Men are built that way and women are not.

men vs women weightloss 1

Men have an upper hand when it comes to fitness because they are larger than women in size. Their hearts, lungs are bigger than that of women. They also have a larger proportion of hemoglobin in blood that is responsible for carrying oxygen to different parts of the body. This is extremely vital when one is working out.

This also brings forth the fact that exercise does not benefit all humans in the same manner, at least not at the gender front. This shows that research done on men does not hold good for women. This means there have to be separate custom made exercises for obese women.

Coming to the food part, experts say that women tend to have emotional attachment to food unlike men. It is a psychological difference and this makes it difficult for women to follow a strict diet. They have a hard time in controlling themselves. If they make even one diet mistake, they end up compensating for it. The scenario is completely different for men as they are less emotional.

Now, the sleeping part, women need at least 7 hours of sound sleep to function properly. If a woman does not get the required amount of sleep, a stress hormone called cortisol is released that increases appetite and thus sabotages your weight loss schedule.

So now you know why your partner is effortlessly losing weight and you are stuck up. You can overcome this too. It may take extra effort from your side but ultimately the winner is the one who makes his dream a reality. Being a woman should not pull you down. When women are at par with men in every field, they can work hard and overtake men in the weight loss marathon too. 🙂

Now you know why women find losing weight tougher than men!

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