Why Women Must Lose Weight Before Pregnancy


Why Women Must Lose Weight Before Pregnancy

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Welcoming a new life is the best feeling in this world. It is so true that having a baby is a happiness that lasts for a lifetime. At the same time it is also true that it is better to lose excess weight before you plan to welcome your new bundle of joy into this world. I will elucidate on why women must lose weight before pregnancy.

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1. Your chances to conceive will increase

It is difficult for overweight women to conceive when compared to women of normal weight. It becomes essential for you (if you are overweight) to lose some kilos before you plan to have your baby. It will increase your chances of success too. So, it is high time you start eating healthy stuff for your overall well being that will help you conceive easily.

2. During your pregnancy you will gain less weight

When your weight is normal you may gain 11-15 kilos on an average, if you get pregnant. You will tend to gain more weight during pregnancy if you are already overweight. What is the way out? Well, the way out is that you ought to lose the extra kilos before you get pregnant. Once you get pregnant don’t get carried away by the myth that you have to eat for two. You require only a hundred to three hundred extra calories than your normal daily calorie needs.

3. Pregnancy will become easier

Losing weight before getting pregnant will prevent you from putting unnecessary strain on your body. Apart from dietary changes before conceiving you can also include exercises to strengthen your body especially your back muscles. This will help you during pregnancy as most expectant mothers suffer from back pains. The muscles around the spine being weak are unable to support the weight of the baby. This is the main reason for these pains. If you exercise to make these muscles stronger, you will have less pain.

Even after you get pregnant, get the doctor’s green signal and go in for some light exercises.

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4. Avoid complications during delivery

If you are overweight there is an increased risk of complications during delivery when compared to average sized women. Being overweight can result in having a caesarian section. You can run into the risk of gestational diabetes (high blood glucose levels during pregnancy) and also having bigger babies if you are overweight.

5. You will lose baby weight faster

A celebrity or commoner, every woman struggles to lose her post delivery weight. It is a tough feat for those who were already overweight. It is plain logic that the less weight you have to lose the faster you will lose it. If from day one you begin with a lighter body, you will have a happier pregnancy and better post pregnancy period.

If you are overweight there are chances of water retention in your body and you will have a slower metabolism. So, it will be advisable that you lose weight before entering the new phase of life.

Planning a baby is a good reason to kick off those extra kilos, isn’t it?

Now you know why women must lose weight before pregnancy.

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