Why Women Should Eat More Chocolate?


Why Women Should Eat More Chocolate?

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Almost everyone loves to eat chocolates. In some the love for chocolates is so profound that they are called chocoholics. How many of you fall in that category? Well, I am here with good news for the girls! Boys please excuse me! Latest research says that eating chocolates is good for women. You don’t believe me? Read on to find out for yourself.

The study

The study was carried out on 33,000 Swedish women. They were not having any medical history of stroke, cancer, diabetes or heart disease and their age was between 49 and 83. The study found that women who consumed the maximum amount of chocolate, at least two bars a week had twenty percent less chances of stroke.

Cocoa has flavonoids in it that has antioxidant properties. It can help in suppressing oxidation of bad cholesterol that is the culprit behind cardiovascular diseases.

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Not a new finding in fact!

All excited to grab a bar of chocolate!!! Actually this study has brought forth a not so new fact. In a way the news is old because chocolate was considered magical and precious by the Mayans who were the first to use it hundreds of years back. Chocolate is known to reduce blood pressure, prevent blood clots and lower insulin resistance.

Have chocolates within limits

Tobacco being shunned, alcohol being prohibited and coffee restricted, people are left with just one kind of treat and that is chocolate. This is because it is not linked to any kind of disease. I am not saying that coffee is bad. In fact it has a lot of health benefits when consumed within limits. It is just that you can’t have too much of it throughout the day. And probably the same goes for chocolate too. The conclusion of the study does not mean that you can wolf down lots of chocolate bars without thinking twice. You have to control yourself. Even doctors say that it is essential to have a balanced diet. Eating too much of anything is bad for health.

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What the cardiologist has to say

A cardiologist has been quoted saying that the findings of the study should be kept in context. Exchanging chocolates for nutritious food is by no means the right thing to do. You can never exchange chocolates for veggies. They have their own nutritional value. Chocolate does contain antioxidants that are beneficial but what if the study was done with the skin of apples or grapes? Had the results been similar what would you have done?

Chocolate brands and percentage of cocoa matter!

You would also be surprised to know that many known brands of chocolate don’t have a good amount of cocoa in them. Famous chocolate countries like Switzerland, France, Italy and Belgium have a higher percentage of cocoa in them as compared to the ones available in the US. In India too Cadbury’s milk chocolate has just 26% cocoa solids. It is good to have a dark chocolate with 70% cocoa in it.

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The experts who carried out the study have to say the following:

The study observes that women with more chocolate consumption had a 20 percent lower risk of a stroke than those women who rarely or never consumed chocolate. It is better to consume dark chocolate as it has less of sugar and more amounts of flavanoids. People should eat chocolate in moderation to get benefitted. Along with cocoa, chocolate has lots of sugar, fat and a bit of caffeine in it too.

So, women can have chocolates but in moderation to get benefited. Make sure you have a look at the cocoa content, the more the better!

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