Why Yoga Nidra Is Must For A Better You?


Why Yoga Nidra Is Must For A Better You?

Hi all,

My yoga series have got me moving and thinking that how much I love yoga. And more than yoga how much I love Yog Nidra. This may be a good way for Vini (Vinita) to get some good nights sleep. I will tell you a short incident which got me into Yog Nidra.

“My boss at my previous high corporate job one fine day calls me in and with his another colleague in a haunting conference room, sitting atleast a kilometre away tells me, that I need to stay back late all nights and I cannot survive in this Corporate culture unless I sit till minimum 10 p.m at night. I was shocked. How can some one be  so unkind. He himself left at 7.30 everyday. I was upset, I thought to myself that I  do so much hard work at office, I take care of my home, I just got married, shifted cities and almost stopped  write any of my blogs. That day, I decided to leave home on time for my 8’0 clock yoga class as I needed sometime for myself to think how to cope up with all this.”

Why Yoga Nidra Is Must For A Better You 1

For any one, who is married or not, sitting late nights at office is depressing, it is a part of competitiveness, where who ever leaves early is some one who is not good at work, where as I always though it as a sign of efficiency. Does this mean, we can have no time for ourselves, our families, and to even cook a simple meal for ourselves. More than 70% of my colleagues were suffering from some or the other health issue, whether it was kidney stones, obesity, anxiety attacks, heart burns, high BP. I had never come across such office culture in my previous jobs.

Can you in these days, not relate to such stories at work. I needed to calm myself and luckily for me, at my yoga class I was going to be introduced to Yog Nidra.

1. Yog Nidra to make you calm and state of bliss:

Why Yoga Nidra Is Must For A Better You 2

We follow yog nidra by lying down on our mats and preferably use a pillow for supporting the neck as the session can be an 45 minutes to an hour long. In this process, we are made to listen to a voice, where the voice tells us that we are in a utopian state, we see ourselves going to a far off field, a temple, in mountains, in a jungle and that we are alone. I had tears in my eyes, I had all the thoughts of my day going away from me, making me relax. In this process, you should not be sleeping. As you have to be mentally alert and listen to the voice.

2. Relieves pain after a gruesome workout:

Why Yoga Nidra Is Must For A Better You 3

Picture this, that you had a heavy workout, you did lot of twisting, stretching and muscle building, you have some body pain, especially for me after legs work out, I need something to relax the whole body and I can barely  move. And with yog nidra we focus on each and every body part to make us realise that where we need special attention. Our body and mind are connected and are in deep sense of relaxation, mind you, you are not sleeping in your Yog Nidra class. It is said that Yog Nidra relaxes you so deeply that it almost feels like a fresh start to a day. And believe me,  I forgot that day and never thought myself to be weak, instead I decided to stick to my rules and giving 100%.

3. To relieve of you of insomnia, hypertension and even diabetes:

You cannot get sleep, you find it hard to get a good nights sleep, may be you are suffering from insomnia, like Vinita is facing. I like to believe it is  not good sign and you need to get rid of this after a good nights sleep is the most important thing for achieving good fitness levels. Yog Nidra can really relax and make you sleep like a baby. Similarly, due to the relaxing techniques used in a yog nidra class, you calm your nervous system. There is also a research that diabetes patients were made to perform yog nidra for 30 days and there blood sugar levels considerably improved.

The happy ending to my story did come, I left my job after a month as my Husband had to shift to his client location and we shifted to the UK. I love this place as here people like to respect each others personal life. But since stress has become a part of your daily routine, why not try a class of Yog Nidra at a your nearest yoga centre.

Till then have a great day and do not be discouraged by anyone around, you are a strong person and no one can bring you down.

Are you going try Yog Nidra for a better life?

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