Why You Are Losing Inches And Not Kilos?


Why You Are Losing Inches And Not Kilos?

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Have you been tormented by the fact that your clothes are getting loser but your weighing scale needle doesn’t seem to budge? You feel frustrated and wonder where you are going wrong? You have been eating clean and working out regularly but your weight is the same! Many people wanting to lose weight are facing such problems during their weight loss journey. But let me tell you beforehand that is not a problem and you need not worry about it.

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In spite of not losing kilos, your mirror image makes you look leaner and svelte. Bingo! Great news! Your new diet and lifestyle is working but not the way you wanted to. Your body is changing its composition, that is, the amount of muscle is increasing and the amount of body fat is decreasing. Let us delve in deeper and find out what this saga about fat and muscle mass is all about!

Fat versus Muscle

Kilo-for-kilo, muscle is known to occupy lesser space than fat. So, as you start gaining muscle and lose fat, the number on the weighing scale may not change, but your body will definitely change. You see, muscle is made up of healthy and metabolically active tissue that is lean and smooth. Fat too weighs the same as muscle but it occupies more space and gives a lumpy appearance to your body. The weighing scale can only tell you whether you have lost kilos or not. It can’t say that your fat has been replaced with muscle and that is what exactly happens when you lose inches!

Body composition matters

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The body composition or body fat percentage is a measure of fat tissue vs lean muscle tissue. When you are on a weight loss journey, the body fat percentage is a better way of checking your progress than the weighing scale. When you lose kilos by dieting alone, you lose a combination of both fat and muscle mass. Losing muscle mass will lower your metabolism and turn you into a ‘skinny fat’ person, meaning that you will look thin but still have a high percentage of fat. A study done in 2012 determined that 1 in 4 people are of normal weight, but have a high percentage of fat in their bodies, are pre-diabetic and metabolically obese.

How would you know that you are losing fat?

Losing weight from around your waist, arms, hips and thighs is an indication that you are gaining muscle and losing fat. Other ways of finding out that you have lost fat is a pair of pants that were too tight last month but fit you easily now. Photos of you before starting your weight loss journey will also show you differences in body shape.

The scale doesn’t matter!

If you are strictly watching your calories and exercising religiously, your scale will show that you have lost weight. However, the process will take longer if you happen to add muscle as you lose fat. It really doesn’t matter what the weighing scale has to say, all that matters is whether you feel healthy, look leaner and feel stronger than before!

I guess this post has been successful in clearing the doubts you had regarding fat and muscle mass.

The question- ‘Why you are losing inches and not kilos?’ must have also been pretty much cleared!

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