Why You Gain Weight In Winters?


Know Why You Gain Weight In Winters

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Winters are almost saying goodbye and everyone is waiting for the spring to arrive. The time when the Earth is reborn and breeze turns pleasant from bone-chilling! By the way, how was the chilly season this time? It was quite chilly according to me! Did you gorge on masala jaggery, gajak, dried fruits and nuts? How can I forget to mention Makki ki roti, sarson ka saag and Gajar ka halwa? These delicacies are quite famous up North I have seen so many people in my family and on Facebook food groups making lots of gajar ka halwa and gorging on it! Still you ask why you gain weight in winters. Isn’t it because of overdoing on all the winter goodies? Well, though you do gain weight by overeating, there has been a study to find out why you gain weight in winters and keep reading to find out what the results of the study have to say!

The Sun and fat connection


The little secret hides in the sunlight! Yes, there does exist a Sun and fat connection. Researchers have found that winter weight gain is due to the lack of exposure to the Sun. The fat cells below the skin reduce in size when they get exposed to the Sun’s blue light. Scientifically speaking, when the blue light of the Sun penetrates the skin and comes in contact with the fat cells underneath it the lipid droplets shrink and get released from the cell. In a nutshell, cells don’t tend to store that much fat.

Now, in winters the sunshine is pretty less and people in the colder areas get very little of it. (In India the winters are not as bad as in the western world!) This promotes fat storage as explained by the study. And probably that is why you have the typical winter weight gain. I hope you got your answer and will now say that the winter goodies you just gobbled up are not the culprits behind your weight gain.

Okay, don’t get too excited and sit down to soak in the Sun as this study is only an initial observation and sitting under the Sun without a sunscreen to lose weight is not recommended. The intensity or duration of the blue light required for the fat cells to shrink is still not known. In the meanwhile, this finding has opened a new path for future scientific studies that can lead to treatments for obesity and other health issues like diabetes.

The study seems to be very promising and gives us hope!

Till then you need to use the tried and tested way of losing weight that is by following portion control while eating and getting ample physical exercise. You need to incorporate healthy food and workout habits in your life that don’t just help you lose weight but also stay fit and healthy. With the right kind of habits, you can improve the quality of your life and live longer!

Hope you found the answer to the question – Why You Gain Weight In Winters?

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