Why You Must Learn AntiGravity Yoga/Aerial Yoga?


AntiGravityYogaWhy You Must Learn AntiGravity Yoga/Aerial Yoga?

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Since I have moved to the UK, I love how people here follow yoga with different forms and variations, yoga has been reinvented in many forms, like I have started learning Tai Chi, which is a Chinese form and captures lot of yoga postures. I love the fact that we learn so much from different cultures. Similarly, what caught my attention was aerial yoga which is also called Anti-Gravity Yoga. I did my research and decided to take a class and learn this beautiful art. I will soon be taking up a learning course, Aerial yoga is at an expensive stage, since it requires a lot of investment and some equipment. It is a blend of yoga and gymnastics, which was developed by a Gymnast named Christopher Harrison.

How is Anti Gravity Yoga performed

Anti Gravity YogaFor performing aerial Yoga is the hammock made of silky fabric that acts as your support system. Using the hammock, you learn to invert and hang suspended in the air. The hammock supports your back and hip which helps you in performing many abs like yoga postures. The hammock acts as a seat which helps you in doing seated postures. The hammock can be rolled up in one toe while you balance your way through the other leg, this helps you in achieving the correct posture. Most of the Asanas have been picked up from Iyengar yoga. The moves are also similar to that of Pilates.

I feel this is an art itself, it may be a modified form of yoga, but it is definitely catching on. Let me get on to some quick pointers about Aerial Yoga:

1. Weight restriction

Anti gravity Yoga SwingUnless you are a sumo wrestler, anyone can get onto a hammock which can bear upto 300 Kgs of weight 😛 so fear not, if you come across a professional aerial yoga class, do take a chance. But you must first consult a doctor in case you are suffering from any injuries etc. The hammock is usually lifted off from the ground at about a metre, but beginner’s can start off on the ground.

2. Getting you abastic

Anti Gravity Yoga movesThe moves are also similar to Pilates which focusses more on your abs, the lifting postures apart from giving you a whole body blood circulation helps you getting that core you wish for. I just wish that I had a centre close to my house, I have to travel miles before I reach my centre :p this yoga is addictive. I have even done TRX in my initial workout days, and this yoga hammock is similar except that there is more room on the hammock.

3. A take off to fitness

Antigravity-YogaThe aerial yoga is above the ground, you learn to balance and improve your concentration levels. I read in a write up some place that a girl actually started to improve her running skills by making her mind and body stronger through aerial yoga. This yoga teaches you to counter fears, concentration and the right balance. The technique helps you to reach positions other exercises cannot reach, leading to a better all-round work-out.

4. Happy mind and beautiful skin:

AntiGravity Yoga for skinThe soft moves and the stretching relax your nervous system. The happy hormones released from the body give you that sunshine glow, the moves not only tones your body, but also makes you stronger. Yoga is always supposed to relieve you off stress, but anti-gravity yoga not only helps you in achieving that but adds more by toning your body. And the best part is that you won’t even release you had a very difficult workout session. Plus, the blood circulation in the whole body gives you the added glow.

I am yet to join a class, but it is my new year resolution to get myself enrolled into a regular class, after all I am a yoga junkie ;)Till then happy flying,

Till then happy flying,


When are you going to learn Anti-Gravity Yoga?

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