Why You Must Never Drink Cola


Why You Must Never Drink Cola


Happy Monday 🙂 ! Although I wonder if Mondays can be happy, especially for corporate slaves like me 😛

I am going to start my Low Carb Diet tomorrow, check here. I need to shun all the vices(read junk) for this diet. Although I don’t eat junk usually apart from my cheat day once in a week, there is  a continuous need to be consistent. To make my job easier, I have started researching a few items that I want to hate so that I don’t even think of having them 😉

One of the biggest enemy of your health is Cola – Coke or Coca Cola or Pepsi or Thumbs Up or any soft drink for that matter. Let’s see why!

Why You Must Never Drink Cola

If I say Coke is a position for human metabolism, I won’t be exaggerating at all ! It is said that the level of acidity of coke is the same as that of battery acid. Some sodas are known to have pH of 2.5.  The pH of water is 7 and acid is 1. Can you imagine how acidic Cola is ?

Few years back, there was a news that people are using Coke as floor/Toilet cleaners. Some claimed that Coke works better on stains than few cleaners available in the market.

Why You Must Never Drink Cola

The irony is that a 500 ml of Cola costs Rs 25, same as that of water. A time will come when water will be more expensive than Coke in India. In some of the countries, beer and coke are expensive than water already, phew !

Guess what, Coke and other Col brands sponsor a lot of health initiatives. Not to help people but only to clean their image of being a destructive drink !

People  who  consume sodas have 48% increase in heart attack and stroke risk when compared to people who rarely drink soda.  A study also reveals that soft drink intake is also associated with lung and breathing disorders i.e asthma and chronic active pulmonary disease (COPD).

Coke also weakens bones. How ?

First – the carbonation causes irritation in the stomach.

Second – It uses the calcium in the blood to cure its caused irritation.

Third – Since the blood depletes in calcium, it replenishes calcium from bones. Low calcium in blood can impair brain functions.

The process is like your hurt yourself first and then you make it up by hurting somewhere else. What kind of process is that, HUH!

Coke also contains phosphoric acid that also depletes calcium in the body. 

I wish to share an interesting incident here. Have you ever tried coke mixed with milk ? I have ! When I cribbed on not drinking milk, sometimes mom added 1/4 glass coke in cold milk. I had no problems in gulping that in seconds.  On one side, my mom wanted me to have milk for calcium since I was growing. On the other side, she was giving me Coke, enemy of calcium.

In short, coke is the enemy of your bones, period !

Coke is also known to cause Esophageal cancer which was a rare disease one upon a time and oooh now so common !

Let’s see why Coke is NOT edible for human body –

  • Removes rust
  • Removes grease and blood stains from clothes
  • Cleans oil stains from a garage floor
  • Kills slugs and snails because of acid in it
  • Cleans burnt pans. Soak the pan in the Coke, then rinse.
  • Cleans car battery terminals
  • Cleans tiles 
  • Dissolves a tooth
  • Removes gum from your hair. 
  • Cleans a toilet
  • and a lot more to this endless list ……………….

I am sure now its a child’s play to imagine what Coke does to your stomach lining? 

Please share this article so that more people are aware of this Coke acid !

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