Why You Must Not Have Bakery Products!

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Why You Must Not Have

Bakery Products

We all are aware that the bakery items contain many fats in them and being well aware regarding this we still love to bake the cake! Every special occasion is marked by the presence of some special bakery item considered ideal gift. These are the ones that contain the highest amount of fats. Let us have a look at the various fats that are present in the bakery items.

Cakes with frosting

Bakery products

Usually, if you are among the ones that check the packing of the packaged bakery items before you purchase them, then you might have seen that these items show 0 per cent trans fat. But that is not the true picture. The manufacturers have this much power in their hands to write 0 per cent if the content is below 0.5 per cent in the items. And coming to the frosting, just like the frosting adds to the cake and enhances it, similarly, it adds to the amount of fats too.


Do you like the flaky texture on the biscuits, well, in that case, you indirectly like the fat content in the biscuits? The frozen biscuits contain more than 3.5 percent of trans fat. Apart from the presence of the fats, biscuits are also a reservoir of more than half of the daily recommendation for sodium. Thus, it would be wrong for us to think that biscuits are the safest bakery option to grab on. These are the stores of highest saturated fat foods.

Cold Sandwiches

Bakery sandwiches

Many of my prefer to grab that cold sandwich from the shelf than having a proper meal. What if you are told that the safest option in your perception just adds to more fats in your body? Coming to the ingredients that it caters, it is just an amalgamation of partially hydrogenated oils with packed sodium. So, these breakfast sandwiches apart from being the easiest option are also the highest content fats item from the bakery house.

Microwave Popcorn

microwave popcorn

Aren’t popcorns the ultimate Netflix and chill partners? But what if I tell you that your chilling partner has been ditching on you all this while? The average serving of microwave popcorn contains as much as 5 grams per serving quantity of trans fat. Here, the only solution is to check the label properly so that you are well aware of all the contents and can make a wise choice.

Fried Fast Food

Your favourite fries are the biggest hoarder of the fat content so the best option is to avoid the consumption of such items and maintain a safe distance from the fats that cause harm to the body. Wondering why are saturated fats bad? Just Google it for an eye opener.

Granola bars

Yet another hyped product is the granola bars and the protein bars. But contrary to popular belief, granola bars are filled with an excessive amount of sugar which is the reason that it provides instant energy. Despite the fact that they are marketed as the healthy food options available, but they are not the ultimate source of nutrition.

Hope you get the understanding now why you must not have bakery products! It is okay to have these once in a while but one should always keep a check what they are consuming, what are the contents of the product as many times nutritional value of the products is manipulated. eat healthy to stay healthy.

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