6 Reasons Why You Need To Include Fat In Your Diet

Good Fats
Good Fats

6 Reasons Why You Need To Include Fat In Your Diet

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‘Fat free’, ‘Fat reduced’ are common labels found on processed foods these days. Every processed food like cookies, chips and other junk carries the ‘fat-free’ label with great pride. And why is this so? This is because most of us are plain scared of fat and when seeing a product labelled as ‘fat free’, we immediately grab it thinking that we are taking the right step for our health.


Eating processed junk even if it is fat free is not a good choice as they add unhealthy ingredients to make up for the missing fat. But what to do when even yoghurt and milk have fat-free labels on them? It is not a very good idea to totally kick fat out of your diet. You should consume the right kind of fats that are healthy. Read about healthy fats here- click!

healthy fats

Anything that is linked to fats like oils, dairy and red meat are our number one enemy when we are on a weight loss spree. Fat has been demonized by us but the reality is that fat is not bad. Don’t forget that it is macronutrient! Excess of fat can harm you but the body needs fat and read on to find out why!

1) Fats help in brain development

Brain How digestion is affected by stress

Polyunsaturated fats like omega 3, omega 6 and DHA help in the development of the brain and delay its premature ageing. It has been found in a study that lack of essential fatty acids can result in membrane loss and structural changes in the brain. Diets rich in essential fatty acids are helpful in improving health conditions like depression, disorders and other mental conditions.

2) Fats prevent heart disease

heart health

Contrary to popular belief fats are known to save you from heart trouble. Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA from fish help prevent heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases. One study published in Food & Function says that eating 2 servings of oily fish 2 times a week can be helpful in keeping your heart healthy. It is time for fish lovers to rejoice as they will stay protected from heart diseases.

3) Fat improves immunity


Studies suggest that putting yourself on a low fat diet can put at the risk of autoimmune diseases. Based on experiments done on animals it is said that lack of essential fatty acids can affect a person’s immunity. When there is a lack of essential fatty acids in your body, it can lead to inflammation and other infections.

4) Fats prevent cancer

pill and breast cancer

Studies done on lab mice indicates that a diet high in essential fatty acids, omega 3 in particular can prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

5) Fats improves fertility

fertility diet

Lack of adequate fats not just affects women’s fertility but also male fertility. Obesity is known to be the major cause of infertility however eating the right fats can help boost the health of sperms in males and increase their fertility. Consuming essential fats are known to help improve ovulation in women and sperm production in males, thereby increasing the chances of conception.

6) They help in the development of muscles

lose fat build muscle

You must be aware that protein is essential for the development of muscle mass, but it is a fact that it is fat that helps in keeping the muscles intact. Age related loss of muscle mass can be prevented by the consumption of the right kind of essential fatty acids in your diet.

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