Why You Need To Use pH Balanced Products?


Why You Need To Use pH Balanced Products?

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pH is an essential factor while choosing hygiene products from the supermarket. Most products are labelled as ‘pH balanced’. So, let us find out what it actually means and how it benefits us.

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What is pH?

pH stands for power of hydrogen. pH of a product decides whether it is alkaline or acidic. A reading between 1 and 7 means that the product is acidic and a reading between 4 and 14 means it is alkaline. Water has a pH of 7 meaning that it is neither acidic nor alkaline.

Our skin has a pH value below 5 making it slightly acidic. Maintaining the pH of the skin a little below 5 prevents its scaling, ensures enough moisture and keeps its barrier functions intact. When you use skin products, your skin’s pH balance gets disturbed. Due to this reason a lot of products these days have a pH balanced formula. Here are a few products that make use of the goodness of pH balance:

Deo sprays

antiperspirant spray - Are aniperspirants really bad for health

Sweating is natural but it is often accompanied with a foul smell. The bacterial decomposition of sweat is the main reason of body odour.

Skin experts say that when sweat mixes with the oily secretion of sweat glands (sebum), a layer called acid mantle is formed on the skin. The pH of this layer is below 5, i.e., slightly acidic. Washing the skin with soap and other bathing products strips it of the acid mantle. This makes the skin susceptible to infection.

A deodorant that is pH balanced helps in maintaining the natural pH balance of the skin and prevents undesirable odours and bacterial growth.

Skin care products

fairness-creams harmful for skin

The acidic mantle that is mentioned above is also there on the facial skin and it has many roles to play. When the pH is balanced the skin stays moisturised. If you happen to wash your face with soap, the skin will get stripped of the natural moisture causing dryness, irritation and even acne! It can cause wrinkles and accelerate aging. If you stick to face washes and skin care products that help in restoring the acidic mantle of the skin and prevent its damage.



The scalp too has an acidic pH that is below 5. This means that a pH balanced shampoo can be the deciding factor of your hair health. Rinsing hair with water or other alkaline products makes its outer covering (called the cuticle) to open up and exposes the hair’s tender part resulting in hair damage. The products wash away the natural oils of the hair that are acidic and form a protective covering on the hair cuticle. This results in dry hair that gets damaged.

It is recommended that you use pH balanced shampoos that help in closing the hair cuticle and prevent them from getting damaged.

Intimate hygiene wash

Discussing about intimate hygiene is still a social taboo. Intimate hygiene is much compromised and the women are bearing with the discomfort. Usually soap and water are used to wash the intimate areas. You see the skin in those parts is really tender and its acid balance gets easily affected. The pH of the vagina is between 3.5 and 4.5, there is a balance of friendly bacteria Lactobacilli and some yeast cells. Using water and highly alkaline soap disturbs the normal balance of the vaginal area. It can lead to dryness, foul smell, irritation, discomfort and even infections. Experts are of the opinion that you use an intimate hygiene wash that contains lactic acid in it so that it restores the pH balance of the vaginal area.


pH balance even matters when we talk of dental health. Your teeth enamel is broken and remade based on the pH. When the pH in your mouth is between 4.3 to 5, the enamel is formed based on the availability of minerals like calcium nad phosphorus. Research says that using a slightly acidic toothpaste helps in keeping tooth related problems at bay. It is advised that you opt for a pH balanced tooth paste.

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