Why You Should Not Drink Coke-Scientist Explains!


Why You Should Not Drink Coke-Scientist Explains!

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On a hot or humid day you reach home after loads of shopping and have a parched throat. What do you do? You simply open the fridge and guzzle down a bottle of coke. Doesn’t it sound like something you do often? Even after telling you umpteen times that sugary fizzy drinks are bad for you, you stock up the fridge with them. When you have something cold and inviting in your fridge, you are bound to get trapped 😛 and that is what happens every time you open the fridge.

Okay, you won’t listen to us! Fine! But will you listen to an Indian scientist who explains what exactly happens after you drink coke? Read on…

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Why you should not drink coke-Scientists explains!

When you drink a can of coke, in the first 10 mins, you consume 10 teaspoons of sugar which makes up 100% of your RDI of sugar, the level of sweetness is so much that it should make you want to puke but the phosphoric acid comes to play and cuts the flavour and allows you to keep the coke in your belly.

After 20 minutes, there is a spike in the blood sugar of the body resulting in an insulin burst with the liver turning the sugar into fat.

The absorption of caffeine is complete after 40 minutes post which your pupils dilate, there is a rise in blood pressure and as a response to that the liver dumps sugar into your blood stream.

To prevent drowsiness, the adenosine receptors get blocked in the brain.

After 45 minutes, there is an increase in an individual’s dopamine production that stimulates the brain’s pleasure centres. It works pretty much the same way as heroin works!!! OMG Drugs!

After one hour of drinking coke the diuretic properties of caffeine come into play. The buzz gets over and the individual begins to have a sugar crash!

Isn’t that enough scary for you to completely stop drinking coke?

Are sugary drinks bad for health-soft drinks

The scientist was pushed to investigate coke because he saw that many people on a low fat diet were gaining weight. He has written that fructose which is a form of high fructose corn syrup is found in most of the processed foods and people are ignorant about its dangers.

You may argue that even fruits have fructose but the wise Mother nature has provided an antidote for that, fruits have lots of fibre in them and it prevents the body from absorbing too much of fructose.

The scientist also says that 1.6 billion servings of coke are consumed everyday all around the globe and if people are really concerned about their health they should not at all reach for that can of coke.

Just stop stocking up your fridge with it and you won’t get tempted to get your hands on it. Health is wealth guys. Once you spoil it no amount of money can help you gain it all back. Stick to natural stuff. Have a glass of sugarcane juice when you feel thirsty while travelling. These days you have these hi-tech and hygienic machines that give you fresh juice, they add your favourite flavours (natural- ginger, chat masala, lemon) in it too 🙂

Stay healthy!



You still want to drink coke after knowing what it does to you?

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