Why You Should Not Fear Healthy Carbs?


Why You Should Not Fear Healthy Carbs?

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One of the most debated topics in the field of nutrition is whether to eat carbs or not! Just how fats were demonized in the past, carbs are now being accused of causing weight gain and health problems.

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It is true that a diet low in carbs is beneficial for weight loss and certain health conditions and it is also true that junk foods have refined carbs in them. However, this means that not all carbs are the same. While refined carbs can be harmful, carbs from whole foods are very healthy.

Here are 9 reasons why you should not fear healthy carbs:

1) Inherently carbs are not fattening

Some people accuse carbs for causing obesity as they raise insulin levels. They say that carbs are fattening regardless of the total number of calories. However, this hypothesis is rejected by scientific evidence. Several human races of Asia in the 20th century lived on high carb diets and had healthy and lean bodies. If carbs were fattening and unhealthy, those races should have been so.

2) Early man ate carbs

Humans began eating carb-rich foods even before they started farming. There is scientific evidence that we have evolved to be able to digest starch in an efficient manner. Moreover, every single cell in the body uses glucose as its source of energy and glucose is a carbohydrate sugar. Even the fat adapted brain needs 20 percent of its energy from carbs.

3) Only a few people are gluten sensitive

The protein present in wheat, barley and other grains is called gluten. When you cut carbs from your diet, gluten automatically gets cut out. A diet free of gluten is necessary for those who have celiac disease and other kind of autoimmune disease. Gluten free diets also benefit those with gluten sensitivity.

Gluten free

However, scientific literature says that between 87 to 99 percent of people should be having absolutely no problem in digesting gluten.

Many people are going gluten free these days; they buy and eat foods free of gluten. Though naturally gluten-free food is healthy, processed gluten-free foods are not. A majority of people do not benefit from a gluten-free diet.

4) Carbs in the form of fibre are needed for good health

We all know that fibre is good for health. Soluble fibre, in particular is known for heart health and management of weight. Soluble fibre present in foods such as legumes, potatoes and oats is known to slow down digestion and increase the time taken to absorb nutrients. This ensures longer fullness and a reduced appetite.

5) The gut bacteria needs carbs for energy

Gut flora for good health

The good bacteria in the gut need carbs that they can ferment to get energy. Soluble fibre is the most essential nutrient that healthy bacteria feed on. Legumes and oats are the best food sources of soluble fibre.

6) Rich in carbs, legumes are a superfood

Legumes include beans, peas, chickpeas, peanuts and lentils. Being naturally high in carbs, they are excluded from low crab diets. However, they are unique foods as they are rich in both protein and fibre. Legumes are also high in vitamins and minerals. Calorie for calorie they are the most nutrient dense foods. Moreover, they are cheaper than meat and dairy.

7) Eliminating carbs cannot improve your exercise performance

There is a myth that a low carb diet is better than a high carb diet for athletes. Studies have been conducted regarding the same and they have not been able to show that low carb diets can outperform higher carb diets. This is true for cyclists and those who do weight training and want to build their body.

Those who want to exercise to keep fit, a low carb diet will not affect them negatively but at the same time it won’t improve it either.

8) Carbs don’t damage the brain

wheat addiction affects brain

Certain sources say that consumption of carbs causes brain inflammation. However, there is no evidence that whole carbs damage the brain or cause dreadful diseases like Alzheimer’s. The latest study on Alzheimer’s risk factors doesn’t mention gluten or grains on its list.

Think of foods as a whole and not their nutrients alone. Whole carb foods can comfortably be a part of everyone’s diet.

Hope you found this post informative!

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