Top Reasons Why Your Breasts Hurt


Reasons Why Your Breasts Hurt

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Do you have pain in your breasts? Are you scared as breast pain can be a hint to cancer? However, hold on to your horses, you need not jump to the big conclusion because there can be other simpler reasons that are causing the pain in your breast. So, before you burst out into tears thinking that you have breast cancer, read this post.

Top reasons why your breasts hurt

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1) You are growing up

Breasts grow and develop changes over time too. If you happen to be in your puberty stage, then there can be changes in your breasts and even some kind of soreness. It happens to every girl when she is on her way to become a woman. You have to bear the pain and just chill cause it is normal.

2) Your bra is of the wrong size

There are those carefree kinds of girls who don’t care about the size of the bra they are wearing. Are you one among them? Let me tell you that wearing the wrong size bra or even the correct size for too long can be dangerous. You must understand that when you wear a bra of a small size, your breasts get squeezed and that can cause pain. On the other hand, if your bra-size is too big, your breasts don’t have a support system. So, girls, just measure and find the right bra size for yourself.

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3) You have worked out too hard

Heading outdoors for an early morning run is a great idea but doing so with an unsupportive bra can bother you later. Even doing painful body exercises can land you in trouble. Be careful while you do push-ups and ensure that your activity does not cause pain in the chest muscle.

4) You have lumps in your breast

Lumps in your breasts don’t immediately mean cancer. Lumpy breasts are quite common and it is said that about 60% of the women population is affected by it. Your breasts will feel tender in this scenario.

You can also experience pain in your breasts when you have periods. It is perfectly normal and you did not panic. Nothing is wrong with you.

Coffee and breast pain connection

Coffee has a lot of health benefits but it also well known that excess of everything is bad. So, if you are someone who drinks too much of coffee, then you can land up in trouble. Studies say that many women had a reduction in breast pain only when they stopped drinking coffee.

So, I hope this post has relieved you of unwanted tension as to why your breasts hurt!

Take care!

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