Wi-Fi Is Not Harmful-Myth exposed


Wi-Fi Is Not Harmful-Myth exposed

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There are a lot of scary articles all over the internet stating that Wi-Fi usage has a lot of hidden dangers. It has been mentioned in such articles that routers emit radiation that causes headaches and insomnia. It is also being said that the radiation can even kill plants. However, you must note that such articles don’t have solid scientific evidence. Most of the articles are aimed at spreading rumours and selling anti-radiation products. Just put all your worries at rest as Wi-Fi is just harmless.

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Let us have a closer look!


The word ‘radiation’ is enough to scare people. The credit goes to nuclear weapons. Radiation is linked to images of deadly waves that can turn us into mutants. It is true that the Wi-Fi router emits radiation, it is all within the radio frequency band and it is a low-energy, non-harmful and non-ionising kind. Science had proved that is extremely weak to give you radiation poisoning of any kind.

Radiation is classified into two types:

  • Ionising
  • Non-ionising

Ionizing radiation is the kind of radiation that we know about. It is the type of radiation produced by nuclear reactors and X-rays. It has the ability to penetrate the cells of our body and change their DNA composition, which leads to cancer.

On the other hand, non-ionising radiation does nothing of that sort. Wi-Fi, radar and Bluetooth fall in the category of non-ionising radiation. Even cosmic rays beam non-ionising radiation but that doesn’t mean that we develop abnormalities as soon as we leave home. Do you know that the sun has a lot more radiation than a Wi-Fi router? Does that make you run for cover each time you step out? Yes, non-ionising radiation can harm you; UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer. But Wi-Fi radiation is totally on a different level. It is like comparing a sports car’s power with that of a toy car!

The strength of Wi-Fi is lesser than that of the microwave

wifi router not harmful for health

People are worried about the fact that Wi-Fi signals operate on the same frequency as a microwave does. Yes, microwave ovens are under scientific scrutiny and it is yet to be proved if there is a link between microwave ovens and cancer. But are you aware of the fact that in spite of having the same frequency, Wi-Fi signals are 100,000 times less intense than the ones of the microwave. It scatters the signals in all directions and over long distances. The more away you are from the Wi-Fi router, the less powerful is its signal.

The World Health Organization says that the exposure to radio-frequency in wireless technologies is 1000s of times below the International safety standards. There was just one recorded case of radio frequency exposure causing harm to health and it was just a slightly raised body temperature. All this occurred in an industrial location that had a very intense high field radio frequency. Now think of radiation such as laser. By itself the light is harmless but when you amplify it into a concentrated laser beam you can even cut through metal. All that matters is just quantity and concentration.

There was a newspaper article that reported a student conducted experiment where growing cress died when placed next to the Wi-Fi router. There are many loop holes in this experiment, the first is that this was done by school students and not scientists. The second is that the control environment would be far from that of proper scientific labs. Experts say that the cress would have dried out because of the heat of the router. Such stories tend to perpetuate the myth and blow things out of proportion.

Don’t believe all the hype, your Wi-Fi is harmless to your health.

So, go ahead and happy surfing!

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