Winter Allergies And Ways To Prevent Them

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Winter Allergies And Ways To Prevent Them

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Are you enjoying the winters? While this season is all about good food and enjoyment, it also brings along illnesses. Yes, people tend to fall sick in winters. You may think that it is a flu due the change of climate but it can also be due to another reason. Have you ever thought that it can be due to winter allergies? One can be allergic to moulds, mites and pollen that are present in the dust during winters.

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Differentiating between a cold and an allergy

You need to learn how to differentiate between a cold and an allergy. The difference between the two is the duration. A cold might stay for 10 days but an allergy can stay for weeks or even months 🙁  Also if you are down with flu or cold you might have aches and fever along with other symptoms. So, if your runny or itchy nose lasts for more than 10 days it is an allergy not a flu.

What are the common winter allergens?

The common allergens during winters are:

  • Mould
  • Dust mites
  • Dust
  • Cat and dog allergens
  • Perfume

Rugs, quilts, stored woollens and soft toys are breeding grounds for dust mites. And people snuggle closer to these during winters. Apart from dust mites there can be growth of mould; less amount of sunshine and poor ventilation during winters tend to encourage their growth. And that is another cause of worry! Do you cuddle your pets a lot? They might even be sleeping with you in your bed! The poor souls too feel cold and they should be made comfortable. But the sad part is that you might fall sick due to pet allergens during this season.

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How to identify winter allergies?

Allergies can be identified by the following symptoms:

  • Persistent cough
  • Running nose
  • Sneezes and sniffles
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchy nose or throat

Those who have asthma can be affected even more. They can have wheezing, congestion in their chest and difficulty in breathing.

How to prevent winter allergies?

As it is always said that prevention is better than cure, it is better to take necessary precautions and keep winter allergies at bay.

  • Your house should be kept as dust free as possible. During winters make it a point to use the vacuum cleaner and clean your carpets at least once or twice a week. You should be dusting your house more often during winters.
  • Keep the curtains and shades free of dust.
  • Don’t use feather pillows.
  • You can avoid the growth of moulds in your house when you ensure proper ventilation and let in sunshine.
  • Try to avoid smoking.
  • Keep the animals outdoors, I know it is difficult as in this winter your pets can’t be sent outdoors, but for your health you have to take precautions. Consider bathing them at least once a week. Avoid going too close to them.
  • Keep your blankets and quilts under the sun once a week. This will help in getting rid of allergens.
  • Wash pillow covers and sheets more frequently in this season.

If you have any allergy or cold like symptoms, it is better to visit the doctor. He will diagnose and prescribe medicines. This will probably help you get better soon. Those who suffer from asthma should definitely pay a visit to the doctor. Just be alert and you may be able to ward off the sniffles.

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