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Winter Is The Best Time For Losing Weight!

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Feeling the chill? The dip in temperature must have made you lazy and sleepy too! Does it make you feel gloomy? Hmm! But don’t worry as the winter is the best time to lose weight! Yes, you read that right! Winter is the best time for losing weight!

winter-is-the-best-time-for-losing-weight-workout, Winter Is The Best Time For Losing Weight

Right from doing shivering workouts to sleeping in a room that is cold, keeping yourself cool is known to help burn the body fat. It is all based on white fat and brown fat. The white fat stores extra energy and having too much of it is known to contribute to obesity. On the other hand, brown fat is the good fat as it burns energy to help in maintaining body temperature.

Do you know that we are all born with brown fat as it is Mother Nature’s way of keeping little babies warm? However, this kind of fat is said to reduce with age. Research carried out in the US shows that increasing your level of brown fat cannot only help you lose weight but also help decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.


According to a research carried out in Australia to find out the impact of cold exposure in humans, sleeping in a cold environment leads to an increase in brown fat and helps in speeding up metabolism. The study involved 5 individuals who slept in rooms that were set to various different temperatures for a period of 4 months. After sleeping for a month in a room with a temperature of 19 degree Celsius, covered by a bed sheet, they witnessed a 42% increase in the volume of brown fat and a 10% increase in fat metabolism. (See I told you that ‘Winter Is The Best Time For Losing Weight!’)

A colder environment for us is good

If keeping your bedroom cool does not sound alright, you can enjoy the benefits by spending a few number of hours in a cooler environment during the day. Scientists in Netherlands have discovered that feeling mildly cold (but not to the extent of shivering) can help in increasing the rate of energy burnt by 3 to 30 percent! The study also says that people should avoid being in a temperate environment. It warns that the lack of exposure to a varied ambient temperature would make the entire population prone to diseases like obesity.

In simple words, our bodies do better when they experience a change in temperature that too in winter. So, it can now be said that you turn down the heating of your room, head outdoors even when it is chilly and take bath with cold water. You should do this for controlling your weight but at the same time I would like to add that you shouldn’t end up falling sick!

Shiver workout


Heard of it? Can you think of shivering for 10 to 15 mins? It will not be pleasant but when you do shiver for that long, scientists say that it is effective for weight loss. When you feel cold, your brown fat gets activated because it is the one that burns energy and releases heat for the body to feel protected. When that energy is not sufficient your muscle contracts mechanically or in simple words you shiver. This act of shivering generates heat.

It has been found that 10 to 15 mins of shivering that took place at temperatures between 14 and 16 degree Celsius in some volunteers was almost as effective as an hour of moderate exercise. This was in terms of increase in levels of the hormone irisin. It is produced by the muscle and it helps in stimulating the conversion of white fat (energy-storing) to brown fat (energy-burning). Scientists speculate that exercising mimics shivering as there is muscle contraction during both the processes. It has also been said that stimulation of irisin due to exercise could have been evolved from shivering.

Do you agree that Winter Is The Best Time For Losing Weight?

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