Simple Rules For Winter Weight Loss


Rules For Winter Weight Loss – Check Them Out!

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Most people feel that when winter arrives, the weighing scale starts reflecting it. Weight gain seems to be common in winters. It can probably be due to the fact that you are de-motivated to workout. The biting cold makes it difficult to head outdoors for a workout. It would be rather easier to coil up on the couch and watch TV.

Sounds like bad news? Nope! This so called ‘winter weight gain’ is a myth. Don’t let this winter weight gain myth depress you! It is very much possible to lose weight during winter months.

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Here are the rules for winter weight loss

Shorten your exercise session

A cold day may make you feel lazy and groggy! However, don’t skip a workout because it is too cold. Instead of skipping it you can go in for a shorter exercise session. Can’t head to the gym? Fine! Just work out at home for about 20 mins. Here is how you can workout at the comfort of your own home – click. See what kind of a workout suits you.

Try out indoor activities

The days get shorter and chilly during winters but you can stay indoors and try out new kinds of indoor activities. Go ahead and try martial arts, they can double up as self defence moves too! Hot Yoga is another good idea during winters as it will warm you up inside out.

Keep wearing your activity tracker

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When winters arrive, your activity levels go down. You might even be wearing your activity tracker inconsistently. However, remember that winters are the right time for using these trackers. It will remind you of the fact that you have not been moving around. The best deal would be to get the ideal 10,000 steps a day workout.

Load your plate with protein

When you load your plate with protein rich foods you are taking the right step towards weight loss! Protein is known to keep you full for a longer time period and also helps in keeping your blood sugar levels stable. Make sure that your snacks also have a minimum of 10 g of protein. Check out the list of protein rich foods for vegetarians– click

Drink lots of fluids


It is said that most of us may be dehydrated without even realizing it. The worst part is that it can be mistaken for hunger. So, drink sufficient amount of water. This will curb unnecessary snacking. Keep a bottle of water ready on your work desk so that you can sip it whenever you feel like. You can also have cups of green tea if you are bored of plain water. Staying well hydrated is of utmost importance.

Be careful with carbs

No, I don’t mean to demonize carbs. You can consume carbs in the form of bread and pasta but it is the timing, quantity and quality that matter. Carbs such as those in veggies, accompanied with protein and fibre should form the main part of your intake as they satiate you. The starchy carbs such as rice and bread can be consumed after you workout as it is at this time when your body makes best use of them.

Stop appearing for parties starving!

It is a very common tendency of people to show up for a party starving 😛 The problem with this is that whatever meets your eye seems to be good. Even if you intend to eat in moderation, you will end up gorging on the unhealthy fried stuff. Just eat normally throughout the day and you will find yourself less indulgent at the party.

Hope these rules for winter weight loss are useful for you!

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