Wipro Glucovita Energy Bolts Review


Wipro Glucovita Energy Bolts Review

Hey Guys! How are you? The summers are here, I don’t like summer much, I miss the cold mornings and wearing all my winter wear… Bliss! But now the summer is here and my winter wear is packed and time for the lose cotton fat showing tops to come out… Sob story 🙁


The summers is Mumbai are humid and hot, people sweat buckets and by its just bad. People in Delhi, I understand your woes, but the humidity is a killer in summer guys. We generally feel like an hour in the sun, tees drenched in sweat and we feel like we will collapse any time soon. The lack of glucose in the body as a result of excessive sweat is the reason for people to feel all exhausted and low on energy. So during a recent visit at the chemist I saw this Glucovita tabs that said instant energy for body and brain. And with the summer approaching I thought I would give it a try.


These tablets are from Wipro so it is kind of trustworthy of the results, I do like Wipro products!

Let’s dissect!


Rs. 10/-


9 Bolts

What it claims:

Glucovita Bolts, instant energy for body and brain,

  • Glucovita Bolts is  glucose based Tablets
  • Chew 1-2 Bolts when you need instant energy Anytime, Anywhere
  • Formulated specially with iron and glucose


Glucose provides instant physical energy and iron helps to improve mental concentration.

Now time for the truth! I entered Glucovita in ‘Myfitnesspal’ and here is what it said—


With this, it’s pretty clear that the iron content in 1 bolt is literally nil, tall claims to call it formulated with iron. But if you are looking for just glucose kick during the summer, it’s pretty decent, when I tried it during a hot sunny day I did feel a difference and could bear the sun a bit :p

As far as the claims are concerned the above points 1 and 2 are true but point 3 is really not what it claims, also the mental concentration part I cannot gauge for.

And as for the taste, it tastes really nice, if you like citrus flavor, I really loved the Fanta like taste. I bought the orange flavor, I guess even a strawberry flavor is available, but I just got an orange one in the stores near me.


So should you go for it? I would say yes! It’s good for a hot summer draining day, it does make you feel energetic.

Patients with diabetes please check with your doc before having them, its glucose after all. Also the calories are not much to fret about, 7 calories per bolt, not bad ha?

Let me know if you find this helpful and if you have tried it…

This is Pooja, gearing up for the summers…Phew!

Bye 🙂

When are you getting Wipro Glucovita Energy Bolts?

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