Women Need To Sleep More Than Men-Find Out Why?


Women Need To Sleep More Than Men-Find Out Why?

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There is nothing in this world like a good night’s sleep. You wake up with peace in your heart, forgetting the troubles of yesterday! If you are sick, it seems to be the best medicine that helps you get on to the road of recovery.

importance of sleep for health

Do you wish the day had more than 24 hours so that you could sleep extra? Well, I love my sleep and find it very rejuvenating. Here is some good news for all the women! According to a recent study, women seem to need more sleep than men. When science says it, you better listen! Generally speaking, a woman does a lot of work from dawn to dusk, be it office work or household chores. So, she does deserve more rest! Well, that was my point of view! Let us see what the research has to say.

The research

Research has been done in Duke University and it has been discovered that women tend to experience more mental and physical consequences due to insufficient rest. The findings give a legitimate reason for the women to sleep more! The findings also talk about health recommendation for women who are having a greater risk of psychological problems, depression and heart disease.

In the study, the need for sleep in men and women was estimated along with an assessment of their respective ability to deal with insufficient rest. The experiment conducted showed a sharp difference between the two sexes. It was found that early in the morning women had more depression, more anger and more hostility.

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There are several biological factors behind the difference in the results of the experiment. According to some experts, it is all about mental energy expenditure. Simply put, women use their brain more than men.

You see, one of the chief functions of sleep is to allow the brain to repair and recover itself. When you are deep asleep, the part of the brain that is responsible for thought, language and memory unties itself from the senses and enters into recovery mode. This part of the brain is called the cortex. The more of the brain you use in the day, the more is the need of recovery and that can happen only through sleep. Women do a lot of multitasking during the day. They do a lot of things at the same time and are quite flexible. This means they use more of their brain in comparison to men. Thus, they need more sleep than what men do. Now you may say that if a man does multitasking, even he would need extra slumber. You are right! If a man has a complex job that requires a lot of lateral thinking and decision making, he may also need more hours of sleep than what an average man needs, However, it is still not as much as a woman requires.

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An average human being needs between 7 to 9 hours of sleep each day. But sadly, many fall short of their sleep quota. People feel that they can catch up with their sleep during weekends but that is not the way things work. You need proper sleep on an everyday basis.

More research is being done to find out the link between inadequate rest and increased aging of the skin. Let’s see what that brings up!

Do you agree that Women Need To Sleep More Than Men?

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