Women’s Day 2015-Why Women Should Lose Weight?


Women’s Day 2015-Why Women Should Lose Weight?

Happy Womens dayToday is “Women’s Day”, well… is there anything special about this one day? No, not really, nothing great for us the ‘Aam Aurat’ of India, but I have a question to ask myself and all of you, all those who are reading this post. The question is…Why Women Should Lose Weight?

Whenever I have asked this question to myself, my answer had always been one, “I want to lose weight because I want to be free from all ailments and live a medicine free life.” But when I asked the same question from some other women I got very different answers and that made me think about the priorities of Indian women and how we keep thinking about others in place of themselves. Let me share with you what responses I got from these women…

reason to lose weight

I wish to lose weight because-

  • I can’t tolerate my husband praising other women who are well maintained and slim.

  • I want my in-laws to praise me for my well maintained looks.

  • I want to feel good when I am with other female colleagues and not get complex for being overweight.

  • I want to look good and wear whatever I want without worrying about looking big.

  • I want to look great wearing LBD.

  • I want people to think of me as my daughter’s elder sister not mom.

Well, these were the most common answers I got which made me go on a thinking spree.

  • Why are we women so concerned about what others will think about us if we are fat?

  • Why are we so obsessed by that slim and trim look as if our existence depends on that only?

  • Why do we think our husbands or boyfriends feel love for us if we are slim and well maintained?

  • Why we want to lose weight because everyone in the family is slim?

  • Why must we lose weight because we are the only ones in our friends’ group who are slim?

Can anyone one solve this puzzle for me?

lose weight others want itIam really desperate to know why can’t we think of ourselves as individuals needing to lose weight because we have to do it for our good health. Oh! please don’t let others decide your fate and destiny. Take charge of your life in your own hands. It is your life and body. Why can’t we say—-

  • I want to lose weight because I don’t want any health complications.

  • I want resolve my PCOS and get rid of my medication.

  • I want to become pregnant because I need to start my family and I know that my health issues due to weight gain is the only thing that is keeping me away from enjoying motherhood.

  • I want to control weight gain as I know that my weight is leading to hair loss and acne.

i love myself

  • I don’t want to get any other disease as I know that weight gain causes all kinds of lifestyle diseases which can never let me enjoy my life to the hilt.

Now, I know you are connecting with all the things I am mentioning here but then how many of you actually think on these lines? How many of you have made a check list of 5 things why you want to lose weight? Girls, believe me if you make this checklist once, you will realise that how wrong had been your reasons to lose weight. You will come to know why you had not been able to continue with your diet plans and lose weight successfully? Make a checklist and that will give you solid reasons to keep striving towards your goals and never quit. This checklist if you keep at a place (in the kitchen or on the fridge) you will remember that you have to lose weight for yourself, your personal dreams, your own health; not for any other living or dead person of this world. Talk it out with yourself and decide what you want for yourself… good health or a big pack of medicine by your bedside?u r listeningThis year on Women’s Day let us do this one thing for ourselves… Make a list of five reasons why you wish to lose weight, and paste that list at a place where you can see it many times daily. That will be the best motivation for you to lose weight… think it and strive for it. Go gals go… you can do it for yourselves. Celebrate yourself… celebrate good health.

So are you going to write down your five reasons why you should lose weight?

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