How To Work Out During Winter?


Want To Know How To Work Out During Winter?

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During summer you are a fitness enthusiast who swims, runs and works out every single day. You stay in perfect shape all through the summer months. However, as winter knocks the door, you are hardly able to get out of bed and by night want to curl up with a book. If that is what you do, then keep reading as this post is all about how to work out during winter!

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Winter months can adversely affect a person’s fitness routine. The harsh weather can demotivate people easily.

Prepare for your outdoor workout

When there is a change of climate from warm to cold, it takes time for the body to adjust to it. You need some motivation. Read Tips To Boost Your Winter Workout Motivation.

burn 200 cal in 20 mnts jumping jacks

It will be easier to head outdoors if you can first warm yourself up inside. Allot 5 to 10 mins to yourself and do low level aerobic exercises such as spot jogging or jumping jacks. After this little drill, it will be easier to step outside as you will be already warm. Your clothes also matter. You can wear layers so that they can be removed one by one as your body temperature rises.

Think of an alternative to gym

The dark and chilly morning and the early darkness in the evenings can bring down the motivation of an ardent gym lover. Even dedicated gym-goers fail due to the harsh climate.

If you have a similar problem, it is advisable for you to have a back-up plan ready. You might be having basic exercise equipment at home if you are a fitness freak such as a treadmill. Go ahead and use it when it is not possible to head outdoors. Exercising at home can be made a lot more fun as you can use your creativity to make the best use of what you have. For instance, you can place a TV right in front of your treadmill and watch your favourite program. This will prevent you from getting bored.

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For added motivation, just call a few friends over. Exercising while chit-chatting with friends is fun! Studies also say that having social support will help in keeping people active.

Also consider adjusting your exercise schedule. The cold and dark morning hours might be discouraging you from working out. Turn to brisk walking during later hours of the day or an exercise class during your lunch hours.

Reduce your workout

If you are really not able to work out due to the climate, you can still settle for something less. Just try to do a bare minimum of aerobic exercise thrice a week.

Studies reveal that even if you decrease the number of days of exercise, it won’t hurt you if you maintain the same kind of intensity and time. The same goes for weight training. Reducing your exercise frequency does not mean that it is end of your exercise accomplishments.

The final word

Whatever you do, just remember to keep doing some physical exercise everyday no matter what the climate is. We humans are hardwired to be on the move and not to be glued to the office seat.

Hope you liked reading this post on ways to work out during winter!

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