8 Ways To Work Out For Free

running practice India

Ways To Work Out For Free

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Do you agree that all the good things in life come for free? But what about working out? Can you work out for free or do you have to pay a price for it? Well, find out!

1) Head outdoors


running practice India

Want a sweat session? Head outdoors and run or walk. You can also jog around your colony or try out an anywhere and anytime workout at your local park. Not into running? You can get some gyaan about it from here- click!

2) Opt for the stairs


If walking or running on the pavement is not your cup of tea, you need not lose heart as you can still get some free cardio and that is by climbing stairs. Stay on a look out for stairs in public parks, office buildings and apartments. Do you know that you will be able to torch more than 400 calories in 30 minutes?

3) Start hiking

hiking- how to get fit without stepping into the gym

Once you are comfortable working outdoors, you can try out local hiking trails. It will not just help you in burning calories but will also let you spend some time with nature. It is beneficial for your overall health and well-being. Stay on a look out for spots in your area where you can go trekking. The best place to search are city outskirts.

4) Swim!

Exercises For The Corporate Male Sexual Prowess Issues swimming


You should take full advantages of public pools and beaches during summers. In some municipal areas, there is free access to pools so that people can enjoy a dip and tone up yourself. You can try out some swimming exercises too, get to know more about them here – click!

5) Turn your home to a gym

chair-dip exercise for toned arms



Do you know that everyday items at home make great gym equipments? If you are on a look out for free ways to do strength training, you can do it at the comfort of your own home. Grab hold of 1 litre water bottles to serve as a set of dumbbells, use a kitchen chair to do triceps or squats and the wall for quad-blasting wall sits.

6) Surf the web

Woman on laptop-Losing Weight When Genes Work Against You

The internet is filled with workout content. YouTube offers hundreds of channels of free fitness content including HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and much more. There is so much of free help and guidance on the internet that will surely help you.

7) Download apps

Fitness Apps

Just like the internet, there are thousands of mobile apps that focus upon fitness without charging you a penny. Just have a look and you will be spoiled with choices! Here are some fitness apps that you must download –click!

8) Try out free trials

You can become a gym sampler! Most of the gyms offer free trials for new members, right from a day to a week of class access. Just check out the gyms in your area and get free trials. It may sound being frugal, but you can take up free trials at various gyms and fill in your workout calendar. 😛

Hope you liked reading this post on Ways To Work Out For Free!

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