4 Great Workday Hacks For Good Health


Workday Hacks For Good Health

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Are you someone who is suffering from back pain all the time? Are your eyes exhausted 24×7? Are you under a mountain of stress and don’t know why you feel that way? Most of us have felt one of these things as we have a desk job. It may not be as exhausting as physical labour but sitting at a desk for 8+ hours a day can cause a lot of damage. Here is a look at some suggestions to make your workday healthier. These workday hacks are fun and you can as well share them with your colleagues.

1) Use your calendar reminders for your benefit

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Whenever there is a calendar reminder for a client meeting or a webinar, you jump to it and get the job done. You can show the same attitude towards your own health as well. Try to set up recurring calendar appointments that remind you to stretch, stand up, look away from the screen, check your posture, get outside and take deep breaths. It is quite easy to get lost while working on the computer; hours will simply fly by without making you think about the needs of the body. So, it is time you take care of that. C’mon, set up reminders.

2) Park your vehicle in a shady place

power-nap Best Ways To Stay Awake During The Day

You must be wondering how parking your vehicle in a shady place benefits your health. You see, parking in shade means that your car is covered and perfect for catching up a few zzzzzs during lunch time. Nobody in office will know that you were napping, just remember to wash your face once though!  A 20 to 30 min nap boosts energy levels, creativity, mood and memory. These short naps will also not mess with your sleep schedule at night. So, go ahead!

3) Occupy a window seat

Forest - hiking benefits fo the brain

This is not in your hands but if you get the chance of sitting beside a window, never leave it. This seating arrangement provides tons of benefits. The first benefit is that you get natural light. We all have read how bad fluorescent lights can be for our eyes. So, natural light is what you need. Second, you need to at least get a teeny-weeny look at nature. We humans are meant to be with nature. It gives us countless health benefits.  Get going and grab the window seat asap!

4) Carry a lemon with you

Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

Carry a lemon with you to work so that you can toss in a piece of it in your drinking water. It will make you look fancy and the water will taste great too. One of the biggest bad habits among desk workers is that they don’t drink enough water. Citrusy water will make you drink more of it and you will stay well hydrated all day long.

Hope the above workday hacks will help you out in staying healthy.

You work hard all day long only to lead a good life. If you don’t have good health, what is the use of all the effort?

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