Workout DVDs Available in India


Workout DVDs Available in India

Before winter sets in you have a whole lot of time to fit into your body-flaunting outfits. And in order to get into shape you will need to shred those extra fats from your body. The best way to lose weight is through morning walks but the heat of the summer months with the sun’s harsh rays hitting your fragile skin can become unbearable at times. The concept of workout at home has thus grown highly popular these days.

The audio-visual media has helped workout reach out to the common people all over the world. Presently, yoga and other workout DVDs have sprung up like mushrooms in stores-both offline and online. The following lines cite some of the popular workout DVDs in India which include both Yoga and basic workout sessions for beginners and experienced people.

‘The Biggest Loser- The Workout’ DVD

biggest loser

This show is famous on the NBC channel as a weight loss based show. You will be able to shed drastically within 6-8 weeks of practising yoga from this DVD. Level 1 is the first step which is soon followed by levels 2 and 3 that will ensure burning of your body fat. With the leaning and lengthening of your body, you can achieve both strength and balance. Bob, the ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer as well as other finalists and winners keep appearing in the video to motivate you so that you succeed in losing weight effectively. The yoga sessions will also enable you to make your body and mind quiet and calm.

The ‘A.M. and P.M. Yoga for Beginners’ DVD

am pm yoga

This DVD contains 20-minutes’ worth morning and evening yoga workout that will get you energized on a whole new level. While guru ‘Rodney Yee’ will guide you in the morning with yoga sessions held against the Maui Beach background, your evening sessions will feature Patricia Walden against the Death Valley backdrop. Several poses are extensively explained through these workouts.


hip hop body workout

If you are looking for something more jumpy and pumped up for your workout sessions, the ‘HIP- HOP BODY’ is the perfect choice of DVD for you. It has been inspired by a leading music genre. The DVD features several fun routines and drills for both experienced and first timers and is effective in burning up all the fat and energy in your body through dance moves. It is exactly what you are looking for in a home based workout DVD that will get you all hip hop.

‘Shilpa’S Yoga’ DVD:

shilpa shetty yoga

Famous actress Shipla Shetty is well known for her toned figure and she reveals her secret through this yoga DVD. According to this actress, yoga is not only a form of exercise but also your lifestyle. It works to give you strength as well as cure you by having a positive influence on your soul, mind and body. Through this DVD you can learn how to maintain a shapely figure like her as she explains all the different yogic postures to shed all the extra fat in your body.

‘Bipasha Basu – Love Yourself Fit & Fabulous You’ DVD

fit and fabulous you

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu helps you in attaining the right fitness through her workout DVD that works on problem areas through routines which aim at burning your body fat at a faster pace. The heart-pounding exercises are apt for both advanced and beginners in this area. The regime is inclusive of introduction to ‘Love Yourself’ and ‘Fit and Fabulous’ followed by 25 minutes of beginners and advanced workouts. The DVD also contains 3 different levels of ‘Circuit training’ and 5 minutes of ‘warm up’ and ‘cool down’.
The DVDs mentioned above are easily available in the leading online shopping stores of India and properly following the routines will definitely show results in no time.

Do you think you will tryout these Workout DVDs Available in India ?

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