Workout Fusion To Help You Lose Weight Better


Workout Fusion To help You Lose Weight Better

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Do you often get bored by your routine at the gym, do you mostly skip weight training, opt for cardio and after 30 boring minutes, you feel like leaving the gym already? Well if you are not one of them, lucky you, but I am or rather I was. Well I have always been experimenting with exercise a routine which ever fits into my busy schedule, but the idea is it has to fight right so that you are benefited.

Workout fusion to help you lose weight better

I recently read a book of one of my favorite dietitian. Her latest book is about workout. She writes very beautifully which is at times very technical on how we need to give our body the gift of exercise. No matter how much you eat right, workout is important.  Another good factor about exercise is it helps your age slowly. I totally agree to that.

ball-pass-exercise to tone abs

Anyhow, without digressing much, I thought to myself that I was doing only cardio for more than 45 minutes daily but seeing no change in my body, so that’s when I decided to change my plan and add more anaerobic exercises to it.  Anaerobic forms are opposite to aerobic exercise (cardio form) where you muscles get the hit, it can range from weight training to sprint running.

I have joined a very nice fitness studio here in Pune, where we do various exercises as planned by our trainer who is a qualified sports trainer. She teaches us various forms of cardio, yoga and strength training exercises.  Just to elaborate on how practising different forms of workout helps us in losing weight:

  1.  Relieves you of boredom:

Our biggest challenge is to get over the routine so that we exercise. I often see people quitting because they find the same old sessions boring, if you add some spin to it, either by taking an extra class, it becomes challenging and brings a new dimension to exercise.

Zumba- a dance workout ad its benefits 2

  1. Keeps you motivated:

I have tried everything from a personal trainer, to being lonely at the gym, to tag with a friend along, but when you are in a group, (by a group I mean where your trainer has eyes to see that you are not doing anything wrong), you tend to be motivated to do better. For me, I love to hear my trainer say “very good Vrinda, perfect.” I get very encouraged to do better. Especially at yoga and weight training classes, since I have been practising it for a long time, I get lot of accolades.

  1. Helps you trim inches:

I read Tarun’s FB post in which she said weighing scales are not encouraging but her old top fits her perfect. I strongly believe in ditching the weighing scale, because it can demotivate you. When I went on a holiday recently, I saw how weighing scales can jump and fall back. The idea is to feel light and energetic. When people compliment you that you look great, or your clothes fit you right that’s when you have achieved the true purpose of exercise. Moreover, in the latest book I am reading, I learnt that when you work out right, our muscles build which helps in looking lean, but the downside is that it adds weight to the body. Also, if you drink a lot of water like me, beware of the consequences only on the weighing scale 😉

  1. Learning new forms of exercise:

Our trainer makes us do various forms of exercises, I recently learned Bokwa, and it is a very strenuous form of exercise which requires us to make alphabets with dance moves.


It helps in toning up and increasing stamina. I also learned new styles of exercises called body pump, insanity, Zumba, ball workout. We also do yoga in various forms.

Do you think that this workout fusion can help you lose weight better?

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