5 Signs That Your Workout Is Harming You


Signs That Your Workout Is Harming You

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So, you are working out hard to lose weight! You must have heard people say ‘feel the burn’, ‘no gain without pain’ and the like. This would make you think that it is okay to have discomfort after exercise. It is true that a bit of sore feeling after a workout is a good thing, it means that your muscles are getting stronger. However, certain kinds of pain can be a sign of a problem like overuse injury.

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In order to find out your workout is harming you instead of doing any good please so pay attention the following signs:

1) Muscles start shaking

Slight shaking is not a cause for concern but if your arms are experiencing a earthquake of 7.0 Richter scale it is a sign of muscle failure. You can fall or drop a dumbbell on your foot. The fatigue won’t let you maintain the desired form during exercise and can lead to muscle strain or tear.

2) You have a sudden or sharp pain

Pain in a woman calf

A general growing ache in the muscles is a sign of the fact that your workout is challenging but having an intense pain that appears suddenly tells that something is wrong. It would be advisable not to push yourself through the exercise. It can lead to muscle or joint injury.

3) Post jog, your foot or knee appear swollen

Swelling, redness, persistent pain points out that there is an overuse issue like runner’s knee or a shin split. You need to take working out a little easy for a few days. It would be better to warm up and stretch before exercising. However, if it still hurts, you should definitely see a therapist. She will be able to correct your form and guide you better.


4) You are sore even after 3 days of workout

If you exerted too much with weights, it might hurt to climb the stairs. You might experience some stiffness. Delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS is due to tiny tissue tears. When the body repairs the tears, it makes your muscles stronger. However, DOMS should get alright by a day or two. If it does not it means that you have pushed yourself too hard.

You need to wait till your muscles get healed and the pain disappears before you decide to head to the gym again. Don’t force yourself to exercise as over time it can result in an acute injury.

5) Your knee, hip or shoulder hurts during a lift or press

When you experience pain with a certain kind of movement it shows that something is wrong. If your pain is sharp, you need to visit an orthopedic specialist. If the pain isn’t that bad, it is recommended that you take out some time to prepare for your workouts better.

Tips to keep in mind

You need to make sure that you are warming up and stretching properly and hydrating while exercising. Don’t have the tendency to keep up with others, workout at your own speed. Try lifting lighter weights and slow down your movements while paying closer attention to your form.

Hope you found this post ‘Common Signs That Your Workout Is Harming You’ useful!

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