5 Workout Mistakes You Usually Commit


Check Out The Workout Mistakes You Usually Commit

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Are you sweating it out at the gym but see no end results? This is the worst thing to ever happen to an individual’s morale. After putting in so much effort when the reward is nil, a person can easily get heart-broken. You must be going wrong somewhere.

It is time you understand the basic traits of a workout program that is well designed and get the help of a good fitness trainer. There can be many things that you could be doing in the gym that negatively affects your workout results. To help you out, here are is a list of some possible workout mistakes you usually commit:

1) You do not mix workouts

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When you stay at 75 percent of your heart rate on the treadmill and do not include weights and endurance exercises in your fitness routine, you will just burn your glycogen stores and not fat. You will also not build any muscle. If you really want long-term weight loss, you need to build muscle or else you will put on lost weight and land up in a never ending cycle of weight loss and weight gain. So, you need to move ahead of your cardio machine and consider lifting weights.

2) You do exercise everyday but with the same weights

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Women in general believe that using heavy weights results in their bulking up. This is why they stick to 8-10 pounds of weight. The truth is that women can lift heavy weights and they won’t look like bodybuilders! This is because women don’t produce so much of the male hormone testosterone that they get bulky. To get big and bulky they would need to have loads of steroids. So, after having rubbishing the myth about women getting bulky upon lifting heavy weights, it is suggested that you should go ahead with your weight training.

3) You overindulge in the name of a post-workout meal

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There is nothing wrong with having a post-workout meal. It should comprise of carbs and proteins and should be consumed within 1 hour of a work out. Don’t ruin your workout but choosing the wrong post-workout meal. You need to count the number of calories you are consuming and understand what your body actually needs.

4) You don’t walk right

women walking- How To Walk 10,000 Steps A Day

To burn more number of calories you need to go in for brisk walking. Pump up your arms as the larger your arm swing, the more challenging it is to move faster. Try walking up the hill when outdoors or walk on an incline on a treadmill. Change your walking surface often. Changing your walking surface often during your walk can intensify your workout.

5) You don’t maintain a good form

slouching indian weight loss

Have you ever paid attention to your form? It is essential to focus on the form and posture of the body when you work out. According to fitness experts if you slouch during a workout, you not just burn lesser number of calories but also use fewer muscles. When you maintain a stable posture, it helps you take in more oxygen and makes your workout easier. At the same time, it blasts more calories.

Hope you got a rough idea why you are not seeing the desired results even after not missing out a single workout.

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