Workout Motivation Tips For Better Fitness & Health


Here are some Workout Motivation Tips!

We often end up making workout plans and then follow it may be for a few days then forget about it. Or else, we will just enviously look at people and think we can never do it and give up. Happens with you? Well, we need to have a lot of motivation inside to be what we want to and it is only true that nothing will happen on its own. We need to move out of our shell and keep motivating ourselves to focus on fitness and health and to lead a better life. Working out in a gym which is more of a trend these days is definitely fruitful if one follows this regime religiously.


I don’t have the time

This is the biggest flaw we have, we have time for a chit chat on the phone with an old friend on a daily basis but we do not have time to maintain our bodies which are required by us for lifetime. If we can spare such time we sure can find time and it is all about prioritizing habits. I am sure most of you would agree to be able to save at least an hour of time. All we need is the motivation in ourselves.

Finding a reason

What we need firstly is the reason that we can provide to ourselves every day to be ready for workout. Once we know this, there is no stopping us. If we are already thinking on the lines of a loser that we cannot achieve anything and it would take millions of years for us to be back in shape, it sure would take. But if we motivate ourselves saying that a few weeks and we will be soon the center of attraction for others, we will sure be doing much needed good to ourselves. Giving yourself targets does help. So give yourself a timeline and work accordingly, I am sure you will be happy to monitor your own progress with happiness and pride.

motivation weight loss

Beginning with a walk

If you think you are going too far with thinking about gym workout straight away or you lack the stamina, and then begin with a brisk walk which would take just 15-20 minutes of your day. Once this becomes a habit and you feel you are ready to stretch yourself, you may try other things.

Exercising can also be short and sweet

Instead of believing that you hate cardio or you are not born to do yoga, begin with some bit of stretching. You could also do only some bit of cardio like cycling or a little bit of treadmill. You can begin with just 20 minutes at first and then raise it once you begin to enjoy it or as we say get used to it.

Daily gym goes boring

Pic 3 treadmill boring

I agree this can be one thing which can dilute your motivation but you can inform your trainer and ask him to mix and match the exercises for each day or give you a break in between from cardio and power or arm exercises. It really works as I do cardio every 2 days and do other muscle building stuff in the interim. This keeps me away from monotony.

I hope this post provides you a bit of motivation to be able to look in shape soon! Like we idealize those petite celebrities, sure we can be like them too!

Hope you liked these workout motivation tips?

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