Workout With Meditation For Fitness

Meditation for weight loss

Workout With Meditation For Fitness

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When I was in school there used be a meditation session lasting for 10 minutes each day. It was all tom foolery from our side back then; it was more of a comedy session. But years later I realize the impact and importance of meditation. The most difficult part of meditation for me is to control my thoughts that easily go helter-skelter.

Today I am here to discuss the importance of meditation for fitness. It is known worldwide that meditation is beneficial for mental wellness. Similarly the importance of cardiovascular exercise is also well known. How can we club both together? How can that be done? Read on.

Workout With Meditation For Fitness

 meditation-for fitness

Clubbing meditation and working out is a very new and intriguing concept. It involves making use of the benefits meditation has to offer in order to boost the body’s metabolism, lower the blood pressure and increase the brain activity. You know that exercise helps in reducing stress. Meditation when combined with exercise can further help in calming you down. By involving your mind in your workout and visualizing things you can get better results i.e. a better figure and that too faster than you can achieve just by working out.

The body and mind connection can raise the level of your workout by leaps and bounds.

Adding a dash of meditation to your workout

meditation n wokout for fitness

Meditation requires practice and it does not come naturally to us. Let me explain 3 easy steps to go about it.


This is the most essential part to begin with. Breathing needs to be slow and deep. You need to breathe in through your nose slowly and breathe out through the mouth. This procedure relaxes the muscles and makes the mind ready to focus. You need to start with this breathing method before your heart rate increases as it will become difficult to continue breathing slowly once you start panting and sweating during the workout.


This can get tough! While working out your need to focus properly and not allow your mind to wander. Think of the present, the moment of life is now! Don’t think about the happenings at office or how you are going to solve the problems tomorrow. Just think about one current goal. You need to leave other things behind and concentrate on one thing. Breathing may help you here. Keep trying. Try try till you succeed!!

Create a mantra

Every time you workout, you need to have a mantra in your mind and you should repeat it. It can be the same for every workout or vary with different workouts. You need to remind yourself of what you intend. Your mantra should have your desires, goals and methods to achieve them. For example, if you are working out for toned arms keep saying-

I’ll work hard for my arm,

To be toned and be a charm!

( Kindly excuse my poetry if you didn’t like it here… ). So keep repeating the thought in your mind.

Happy working out with meditation!!

Ready to Workout With Meditation For Fitness?

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