Top 5 Workouts That Satisfy The Soul


Amazing Workouts That Satisfy The Soul

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Workouts are not just for the body, they are helpful in stretching, flexing, and toning up your soul too. Here are some workouts that are soul-pleasing. Check them out!

Kundalini yoga

Pranic Healing meditation

Say no to the treadmill and cross trainer and even to your daily surya namaskars. It is time to give Kundalini yoga a try. It is known as a spiritual yoga that uses udras, chanting as well as breathing exercises to help you recharge, realign and reconnect your energy. For the body it may be a gentle practice but it is great for the mind. Kundalini yoga combines movement, meditation and mantra. Your spiritual and holistic health are taken to a new level. Just like how people train for running marathons, Kundalini helps you prepare for a meditation marathon.

HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

Challenging the soul’s strength helps in letting it learn and grow. High intensity interval training typically combines short bursts of really challenging tabata circuits along with functional body strength exercises resulting in a workout that gets the heart chakra pumping. It seems to be a kind of conditioning that will never end at the same time will leave you feel amazing once it ends. You will feel as though exercise and enlightenment are two facets of the same thing.


Pic 2 spinning standing

Want to take your soul for a spin? Cycling (stationary) is a great way to make your heart pump and all the pedaling you do removes stress and toxins from your mind. It is a total body-burn that challenges your legs, core, butt and arms. You can imagine yourself going on to of imaginary hills and mountains in spite of being at the same place all the while! It is about determination and will-power.


Benefits-of-the-Barre-Workout, Workouts That Satisfy The Soul

Heard of barre workout? There is currently a diverse mix of barre workouts in most places. Don’t know what it is? ‘Barre’ is actually a prop used in ballet. Barre workouts are a hit and they are mostly a fusion of yoga, ballet and Pilates. You are made to use the ballet barres so that you are able to balance through a series of poses, holds and postures. If you have ever done ballet in your life, you would most probably be reminded of that class. There is something soothing in 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 pattern. You gave repetitive reps in barre class that get your mind screaming too along with your muscles. It is a good option for the disciplined souls.

Cardio dance

zumba- 4 aerobic dances for fitness

Do you know that dancing fixes almost everything? No wonder people dance their heart out. Numerous studies say that there are immense benefits of having a dance session. Letting your hair loose when you are down emotionally is pretty good idea. If you have ever done aerobics, jazz and kind, then you probably can find cardio dance interesting. The cardio dance classes are the ones that will leave your soul tapping its feet!

So these were some of the workouts that satisfy the soul! Hope you choose the best one for yourself.

Hope you found this post on ‘Workouts That Satisfy The Soul’ interesting!

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