World No Tobacco Day 2014 Results-More Women Smoking


World No Tobacco Day 2014 Results-More Women Smoking

31 May 2014 was World No Tobacco Day.I anticipated a few revelations from the surveys happening since a while now and the results did not surprise me at all.

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Smoking rates have reduced among Indian men, which was unexpected but smoking rates have increased among Indian women as expected. The results of women did not shock me at all. I see women smoking more openly outside my office at tapris.

As per American Medical Association, women smokers in India have doubled during the years 1980-2012. In 2012, the number of female smokers in India is estimated to be more than 12 million.

Smoking in women has gradually being accepted in Indian society, especially in urban areas. Rural area women have been chewing tobacco since ages. The sad part is that smoking causes uncountable ill effects on pregnant women, still some of them would not quit smoking. After all, its an evil habit. You may wish to quit but it won’t leave you.

Tobacco industry is preparing itself to introduce smaller, lighter and flavored cigarettes. In a silent mode, this is to encourage more women to smoke. Who needs advertising when you can scale your business by promoting the idea – “smoking is cool”?

One of the studies in the year 2012 revealed that more than 18% cancer in women and 42% in men, were because of tobacco consumption.

I can’t figure out the reason for more women smoking and women smoking more.

Is it more to do with being equal to men ? I am not sure, what are your thoughts ?

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