Worst Nutrition Advices You Will Hear From Indians


Worst Nutrition Advices You Will Hear From Indians

Heya People!

Indian aunties are famous in every household. They hold expertise in every possible thing in this world. You can imagine an obese woman who is literally round in shape giving all sorts of advices like how to eat healthy, how to reduce weight 😀

I am in my hometown nowadays and people tell me I have lost weight. On top of it, they find me crazy eating butter. I heard a lot of advices from my favorite aunties that were no less than a joke. Let me tell you straight from horse’s mouth errr aunties’ mouth what they think about nutrition. Hold your laughter Ladies and Gentlemen 😛

“We eat brown bread only, you know”

bread brown vs whole

Hell yes, indeed that would have been true if at all “brown” was not about the color of bread only. Brown bread that we get here is exactly the same in composition as white bread and retails at a price 30% more than white bread. Business folks in Uttar Pradesh know how to make a fool of innocent people. So can’t really blame aunties for it. But brown bread is not healthy; yes it definitely is less bad than the white one.

“One doctor told me to eat egg whites only. You are educated, never thought you would eat yolks”

New_fats that make you fit_eggs

As per one big fat aunty, eating yolks increases cholerstrol and her family doctor is a hunk by the way, does not recommend eating yolks. I told her let’s go meet the doctor, just because he seems to be the most handsome guy of the locality 😛

“We cook in olive oil only, God knows how you are cooking in Ghee

ghee does not nake you fat

I asked my mom to add “ghee tadka” in moong daal which I wanted to have for dinner. There pops a neighboring aunty from nowhere and exclaims how cooking in olive oil is the best. I don’t deny that extra virgin olive oil is one the healthiest fat ever but no one actually knows the difference between extra virgin or refined olive oil. I tried to explain aunty that olive oil is best used in cold dishes and she claimed she can deep fry in olive oil and that she is most updated of all products. I went to her home and found that she used refined olive oil which has 80% other oils and 20% olive oil, phew!

“Beta, if you want to be thin, don’t eat non veg”

plan your protein red meat

This is absolute nonsense. How on earth eating non veg makes someone fat? In fact most of our clients of Indian Weight Loss Program who eat non veg shed faster than the ones who are pure vegetarian. I have no clue of Indian’s claiming saatvik food is best for weight loss. Indeed people can shed weight on raw food diet which is devoid of dairy too. But eating veg only does nothing to lose weight, they are just false claims!

More aunty talks next time, I have no patience for anymore now 🙂

P.S – when I feel stressed, I take deep breaths and have a glass of cold lemon water 😉

See you again!

How did you find the nutrition advices 😛 😉 ?

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