Fitness Freaks-Worst Weight,Health And Fitness Fears


Fitness Freaks-Worst Weight,Health And Fitness Fears

Heya again !

Hows your weekend ? We are here to discuss our worst fears about weight, health and fitness.

I have been always been a ‘just over’ kid and a ‘just over’ girl ! Of course when kids weighed 30kgs, I would weight 35 and when as adults, girls weighed 50, I weighed X kgs ! Huh me not going to do weight revelation here lol. So my biggest fear is to become like a Ball or Balloon… all things round !

worst fear

My second fear about fitness is not being able to escape a dog running behind me! I have literally dreamt this all these years…  I love dogs a lot but still can’t get this dream out of my head. Please note that fear is not doggy but not able to run 😀

Vinita’s Fears

Hello!! This time the post is about our worst weight, health and fitness fears. Well, I have this fear in my mind that I will lose weight!! I know it may be a fascinating dream for you but it is the worst nightmare for me. Lifelong I have been taunted for being a skeleton, and when I had put on weight there were waves of positive comments all around me!! One of my school friend who had met me after a long time asked me how I became so ‘thick’!! So, after getting all the happiness I am scared that I might lose the kilos I piled on. I am still waiting to hit the weight goal I had set for myself!! Wish me luck!!

Kanan’s Fears

My worst weight, health and fitness fears have changed with age and times…. till three years back the worst fear I had was to be caught polishing off slices of cakes from the fridge in the kitchen and cookies and chocolates from my steel almirah (I used to hide those cookies and chocolates from my kids there)  😛

Then came a phase in between during my weight loss journey, when I began logging my food on MyFitnessPal and ended up hating to eat food. Why ! How! now that is a different story altogether, and will talk about it some other time…but yes for almost six months I feared food as such, in any form any shape, it was a nightmare I came out of. 🙁

Now this is what is my worst and the most terrible fear…. fitness freaks worst fears kanan

Just imagine my torturous sweet tooth, and this ultimate dark beauty inviting me towards it. Ufffff !!! I will die now only. A chocolate truffle cake with extra chocolate on top…. lying inside the refrigerator is my worst fear, (my fridge is big enough to hide me and my chocolate cake) 😉 I fear it as I love chocolates and cakes too (frankly speaking any damn Meetha Thing makes me skip a heartbeat)….I fear it as, one look of it makes me go weak in my knees, taste buds and my dumb brain in equal proportion. By the way I had read somewhere “We fear our loved ones  the most, as they without uttering a word, openly tell the whole world our hidden secret of being soft and vulnerable inside the strongest possible core.” True isn’t it??

After this the other fear I have is of getting hurt… yes, I accept that I cannot breathe without exercising and thus my worst fear is of getting hurt and any kind of pain in my joints. Now you see I am bound to lose control over myself at just a simple wink of that truffle cake but if my joints are healthy and happy, then I have nothing to be afraid of , two miles extra ‘Walk At Home ‘ and I will be annihilated of all my sins. Amen

Will be back with more soon ! Enjoii weekend – Tarun

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