4 Worst Weight Loss Advices Ever!


Here are 5 Worst Weight Loss Advices Ever!

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Time and again you would have been told various things about weight loss. Almost everyone around you would have given you their own kind of advices and the best part is some of them would have even contradicted each other :P. People tend to easily fall prey to the myths and misconceptions that surround weight loss. You would be shocked to know that some health advices not only misguide you but also backfire.

Advice no 1: Eat low fat products


People will advise you to go in for low fat stuff to consume lesser calories and get lean. Seems to be an intelligent step but sadly it is not! When fat is removed from food, some unhealthy stuff is added to balance the loss in taste. Moreover, the sodium content, preservatives, refined flour in such foods are definitely unwelcome. You would land up ingesting even more calories! Studies have been done to find out whether low fat diets work and the end results of the studies have been pretty unsatisfactory. In the study, on a low fat diet people just lost 2 to 4 kilos over a period of 12 to 18 months. It is said that you need healthy fats for proper functioning of the body.

Advice no 2: Use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar

dangers of aspartame

White sugar is bad for health. Agreed. But substituting it with artificial sweeteners is not a good idea at all. Do you know that artificial sweeteners are said to be calorie dense and tend to trick your brain to crave for foods that are rich in calories. In one way they are making you eat foods that promote weight gain. Moreover, artificial sweeteners have a lot of negative effects on health. If you want to sweeten your food but don’t want to eat white sugar, go for natural sweeteners like stevia.

Advice no 3: Don’t sleep too much


Some people feel that if you sleep a lot you will put on weight! But the fact is that to lose weight you need to get good quality and restful sleep of at least 8-9 hours. The duration would vary from individual to individual. Though it is good to go for an early morning walk, but going to sleep late and waking up early will only lead to the disaster of your weight loss goals. This is because when you are deprived of sleep, you consume more food and hence more calories. The level of the hunger hormone ghrelin gets increased and the satiety hormone leptin gets reduced. Having known all this it would be advisable to get enough hours of sleep so that your hormones stay normal and not disrupt your eating pattern.

Advice no 4: You can eat out twice a week


You would be advised to eat clean whole week and give yourself a break during the weekends. This kind of advice is pretty wrong. Though it is generally considered to be okay to have cheat meals on a diet, but what you have as a cheat meal and how much you have can matter a lot. If you end up eating your heart out on a cheat day, your whole week’s hard work will go down the drain. It would be better to stick to home cooked food if you want to lose the stubborn weight.

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