Yerba Mate Tea-The New Superfood


Yerba Mate Tea-The New Superfood

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Every now and then there is a new superfood doing rounds in the fitness circles. There was hullabaloo about kale, blueberries, and even salmon. The latest buzz is about yerba mate tea. Haven’t heard of it? No problem. There is a lot of information about yerba mate in this post. Read on to find out more about this tea.


Which part of the world is it from?

Yerba mate tea belongs to the subtropics of South America. It has been a very essential part of the diet and culture of that part of the globe for hundreds of years now. People in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil consume yerba mate tea on a daily basis just like how coffee is consumed.

Nutrients and benefits

It is loaded with 24 vitamins and minerals that include vitamin A,B, vitamin C and vitamin E along with iron, calcium, potassium and zinc. It also has amino acids and antioxidants. You can literally call it a powerhouse of nutrition with almost everything you can ask for to lead a healthy life. The close to magical nutrient combinations of yerba mate tea has created quite a stir in the nutrition world. Yerba mate can increase endurance, help digestion, reduce the signs of aging, alleviate stress and provide relief from insomnia.

Weight loss

There is a study to show that yerba mate contributes to weight maintenance and weight loss. This effect of the tea on one’s metabolism has made the tea quite popular amongst the athletes in the recent years.

Comparison to coffee

The benefits of superfood yerba mate are not over yet! Yerba mate tea has the same content of caffeine as coffee and its benefits are far more than just beyond an energy boost. It is called a brain food as it increases attention, concentration, and focus, without leaving you feel anxious or jittery after drinking a cup or two.

Availability of the tea

The yerba mate tea is served traditionally in a mate gourd. It is believed that this helps people in effectively receiving its healing properties. However, recent times have brought in the commercialization of this tea so that an average person can have it on the go. The tea is now available in cans, glass bottles and sparkling versions. Pretty cool!!

yerba mate tea in bottle

You might be under the impression that there is nothing as good as yerba mate tea, and this is kind of true when it comes to nutrition but when you talk of taste it might not be the tastiest thing you have ever consumed! The taste is somewhat grassy. To get the maximum health benefits, you must brew the leaves in a coffee maker. If you cannot handle its taste, you should add in a little sugar, almond milk or soy milk to make it a bit palatable. If you are skeptical about using the leaves as such, just head to an organic store and purchase a pack of pre-packed tea bags or even the single serving options that are flavoured.

The bottom line

Yerba mate has triple benefits as it has the strength of coffee, benefits of tea and joy of chocolate all rolled into one. So, if you get your hands on it, do try it! It can be one of the mightiest superfoods available.

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