6 Amazing Yoga Apps For Well Being


6 Amazing Yoga Apps

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Yoga has been around since time immemorial. It is has tremendous amounts of physical and mental health benefits to offer. Yoga is basically a combination of meditation, movement and breathing control. The best part about it is that the poses can be modified to suit people of all ages and abilities.

It is not strange to see yoga classes being held at gyms, parks and even at your workplace. It is a fitness trend that will never go out of date! Yoga has become a part and parcel of the life of so many people. So much that today there are yoga apps!

Here is a list of the favourite yoga apps!

1) 5 Minute Yoga

5 Minute Yoga app, Yoga Apps

This one is a great yoga app for beginners. 5 Minute Yoga app gives short sessions to users and they can fit possibly anywhere, anytime. Each and every pose includes an illustration along with instructions in order to make sure that the practitioners are doing the asanas safely. As they are in 5 minute sessions, they are just perfect when you don’t have enough time. When you add this to your morning routine, you will have a great day.

2) Daily Yoga

daily yoga app, Yoga Apps

This app is one of the best. You will not just find more than 500 yoga poses along with instructions but will also get more than 50 complete yoga sessions with background music. There are 3 different levels of intensities and many time durations to choose from. So, you can manage to find the right routine for you. You will earn scores for practicing and also be able to make friends!

3) Down Dog

down dog yoga app, Yoga Apps

If you feel that the same yoga routine every day can get boring, Down Dog has the way out. Every time you log in, you will be greeted with a brand new sequence and this way, things are kept fresh. Choose the playlist and length of the yoga session. The app will then create a session that is perfect for your needs and level of experience.

4) Pocket Yoga

pocket yoga app, Yoga Apps

Pocket yoga has 27 routines having various difficulty levels. So, the app is great for beginners as well as experienced yogis. The app has illustrations for more than 200 poses to help you in perfecting your form. The app is also said to keep a note of your workouts so that you can chart your progress and consistency.

5) Simply Yoga

simply yoga app, Yoga Apps

This free app is perfect for beginners to start their yoga journey. In it, you will find many level one sessions that span 20, 40 or 60 mins. In order to proceed to level two, you will have to pay. It has video demonstrations and audio instructions that help you through routines.

6) Yoga Studio

yoga studio yoga app, Yoga Apps

The app is loaded with 65 classes and organized for yogis of 3 levels i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can do workouts that target specifically at flexibility, relaxation, strength and more. There are more than 280 poses and instructions present in the library.

I guess you are heading to download one of the apps mentioned above, am I right?

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