Yoga Breathing Techniques To Stay Warm


Yoga Breathing Techniques To Stay Warm – Check them Out!

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Winters are still hanging around! You must have had warm soups and lots of dry fruits all season long, right?  Do you usually you enjoy this season? Of course, the climate dries up your skin and you have to constantly apply a body lotion to keep it moisturized all day long 😛 However, winter has its own charm. You get to flaunt your winter wardrobe. Colourful sweaters, overcoats, scarves and gloves are the highlight of the season.

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In the Northern parts of the country things can get pretty cold during this time of the year. The cold and dry air of this season aggravates sinuses and the occurrence of seasonal colds. What to do to stay warm in this weather?

Yet again, Yoga comes to your rescue! Yes, there are yoga breathing techniques to stay warm in winter. Just like how you have the cooling breath or sitali for summer, to reduce body heat, you need to do the opposite for winters.

Have a look at 3 breathing exercises in order to build internal heat. Try doing them prior to stepping outside for your winter workout or a Surya Namaskar on a cold morning. You will be able to tolerate the weather better and be aware of your breath as well.

Yoga Breathing Techniques To Stay Warm

The Classical Sitting Postures In Yoga (3)

1) Ujjayi Breath

This breathing technique helps you become warm on the inside as well as outside. Create a slight constriction in the back of the throat as you inhale and exhale slowly through your nose. The constriction challenges the respiratory muscles, helps focus your attention and lets you start building some internal heat. Continue doing this for 10 to 20 breaths. To warm up yourself even more. You can coordinate the Ujjayi breath with some rounds of half Surya Namaskars.

2) Lion’s Breath

Sitali is a breath that enters the mouth and goes out through the nose but Lion’s breath is actually the opposite of it. Lion’s breath goes in through your nose and comes out through the mouth with a sound ‘’haaaah’’  (you can use the Ujjayi constriction ).

If you want to release stress, this breathing technique can really help. You can get stress free by sticking your tongue out, crossing your eyes and roaring with every exhalation. A few rounds of Lion’s breath will help build heat and melt your tension away.

3) Kapalabhati Breath

This reminds me of Baba Ramdev! The way he demonstrates this forceful breathing technique just fills you up with energy! Kapalabhati brings the abdomen in action too! The breathing technique lights up the internal fire.

Make sure that your nose is clear prior to practicing this breath 😛 Start your cycle of forceful exhalations while pulling your belly in and up when you breathe out. Release the belly pull in short inhalations. Do 20 short exhalations and let in a long Ujjayi breath. Hold just for a beat and then release it. Continue this for 3 to 5 rounds.

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