Yoga For A Peaceful Mind


Yoga For A Peaceful Mind

Hi all,

How are you all doing? Are you stressed out? Are you not happy with your office, is your work very physically demanding. Do you come back home, all tired and already dreading the next day? Well, fear not you are not alone. It is a phenomenon with almost everyone. And the point is do we have an option to avoid this? Obviously, no. But yes, you can curtain the damage to your body and mind through Yoga.

I have been through the most hectic schedules, which was physically demanding and very stressful. I came back home with a dull mind, and just wanted to eat the whole fridge off! But this is not me, I thought, I decided to take up yoga classes regularly after the last day of work and fixed my exercise schedule to weekends.

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Yoga can help you relieve you from many things in a very holistic way, lets see how:

1. Say bye bye to a tiring day and a responsible mind:

Yoga For A Peaceful Mind 2Don’t give up, you are not done yet. Do you know, there are many people out there who do a lot more hard work than we do, if you are determined for a healthy life, glowing skin and a younger looking you, do not give up. A yoga class will promise you to relieve all worries and give you a sense of eating right, home cooked meals.

Usually after a tiring day, you feel like eating something calorie dense and rich and you regret about it later, whenever you realize or your parents/spouse/friends make you realize. But yoga gives you a reasonable mind, it helps you overcoming challenges which are sometimes difficult for you. Trust me, there is nothing great about those expensive jewelry, designer dresses, bags and of course expensive make up, until you are fit. I am not saying you have to be perfect ten, but at least a fitter you, calmer you and not to forget a beautiful you.

2. Forget your worries with yoga nidra:

Why Yoga Nidra Is Must For A Better You 3

Yoga has many facets, not just exercise keeps you fitter, but it also helps you keeping away from worries. I understand many of you have a lot to take care of, but we are not the Prime Minister, we surely do not have that kind of burden. Sometimes, you need to realize that having a simple meal with close family is bliss on this planet 😉

Yoga Nidra helps you calm your nerves and makes you think rationally. You are ready to take challenges for the next day. Why worry and harm your body when you can keep yourself calm through yoga.

3. Combat cravings with yoga:

Combat cravings Yoga For A Peaceful Mind 3

After a heavy day, you crave for foods which are not really good for you, your mind boggles and you need something to comfort you, especially if you live in cold climate. It makes you pick that last piece of chocolate cake,  that slice of pizza, and all the junk which you should not to having, but oh! you had a tough day, your boss was super mean, the kids at home just take the hell out of you. Just be calm, take a yoga class and see the difference. When you exercise, your body releases happy hormones which makes you more sensible and more responsible.

4. Say hello to a fitter you:

Fit you- Yoga For A Peaceful Mind 4

Believe me or not, if you have a happier mind frame, you can achieve whatever you wish for. Few months back a friend pinged me on Facebook and asked me she read our blogs and stories, she told me she was struggling with post pregnancy weight and was exercising so much that it could kill her bones. I suggested her to go slow and eat well. She was also perturbed due to social pressure and her close ones, who told her she needed to lose weight. Imagine, what pressure she must be under. I told her, you had a baby and hats off to you, you have to be patient and believe me you will look much better soon.

She continued with yoga class and less of aerobics which she was doing in excess. I saw her recent pictures and there was a drastic difference, she had glowing skin and a envious attitude.

I am not saying that Yoga is the end of all problems, but it starts with a good solution. And I always suggest that joining a learned yoga practitioner, regular and I mean regular practice. well-balanced diet can help you achieve your goals.

Till then,

Happy exercising



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