How Yoga Helps Cancer Patients?


Find Out How Yoga Helps Cancer Patients

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Sleeping is tough for most cancer patients. It is said that at least half the people who undergo cancer treatment find it difficult to sleep. However, a new study has found that yoga can be helpful for patients undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Doing yoga biweekly is known to help improve sleep quality and sleep efficiency. Let us see how Yoga helps cancer patients.

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Sleep and its importance for cancer patients

For any average person, a few sleepless nights can be really bad. It is well known that lack of sleep can affect your performance during the day. However, when you talk of cancer patients, it can be even more detrimental. When you are sleep deprived, the activity of natural kill or NK cells is low. These cells are extremely important for a healthy immune system and are needed for healing. Yoga is known to help your body feel relaxed and let your mind calm down. This helps you in falling asleep faster and also in staying asleep. Yoga nidra and restorative yoga are known to be beneficial in this regard.

Yoga Helps Cancer

There are also other methods by which cancer patients can get better sleep. The most common problem is working on computer just before bedtime. It is recommended that you put away all your electronic gadgets at least one hour before going to bed. You can also create a healthy bedtime ritual for sound sleep. It can be a soothing bath, yoga or stretching. It is also essential that you get the early morning sunshine as it will help you fall asleep at night.

Yoga and its benefits for cancer patients

Experts are of the opinion that anyone undergoing cancer treatment should practice yoga. Doing so helps in reconnecting the mind with the body, something that gets affected when you undergo cancer treatment. Yoga involves breathing, meditation and gentle movement. These have a calming and relaxing effect on the body. You need not get into doing all the difficult yoga asanas while undergoing treatment. Try deep breathing, visualization exercises and maintaining a diary in order to be able to sleep better during the night.

A survivor of breast cancer recommends that you combine yoga with earthing. It was magical for her to do yoga on her yoga mat in the fresh air. However, she says that initially yoga can be painful for breast cancer patients. So, it is best to first talk to your doctor and get a green signal from him. Only after getting the doctor’s consent you should attend a yoga class. Even after that you must keep track of things and tell your yoga instructor that you are on the path of recovery. Slow down and imbibe the positivity and love that yoga has to offer. Do movements that you are comfortable doing.

Cancer is indeed a real struggle and so many people all over the world suffer from it.  Battling with life is by no means an easy task. Yoga can help you in getting back on track and live a healthier life.

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