Yoga’ o Clock:Right Time For Yoga


Yoga’ o Clock:Right Time For Yoga

Now that we know how good yoga is…I mean really good…let’s see exactly when it’s good.

Yoga’ o Clock Right Time For Yoga weight loss

Timing is very important factor when it comes to many things and it certainly applies to your body. A timed sleep, timed food intake, timed work and what not…Everything works great if you do it in the right place at the right time.

There are Asanas which can be performed anytime of the day but I say early morning is the best time if you actually choose yoga for working out your body and mind. Especially mind. Early morning is the best time for mind exercises because of the high amounts of cosmic energy that flows through the atmosphere. Also you will be completely relaxed after a good sleep especially all the digestive activities will be over leaving your stomach and the lower body free for a good workout. Trust me on this. I know.

Yoga’ o Clock:Right Time For Yoga

Let me give you some good reasons for this.

Why is early morning best?

Well the early hour is known as amrita vela according to mythology in Hindu cosmic cycle so waking up early and meditating at this hour is not only an auspicious ritual but also will give you a fresh mind and improve your mental health day by day. Yoga is something spiritual and dawn is the perfect time for it. Also early morning hours don’t have the noise and buzz. With the fresh air awakening your senses…there is nothing better to make yourself feel good than this.

Yoga’ o Clock Right Time For Yoga

The session will give you a boost and help you get through your day activities feeling lighter and energetic than ever. Yoga stimulates every nerve joints and especially releases happy hormones and chemicals like endorphin. These are known for making skin glow from inside. And yes I have seen this myself. In fact usual issues like menstrual pain are less in times when I practiced yoga.

Yoga when practiced in this time gives you flexible body. The muscles which are stiff because of the sleep and other things will loosen up and make you feel lighter. I definitely have noticed that when I do yoga I feel like doing my household work more actively instead of feeling the fatigue that we associate with normal exercises.

Yoga has the power to stop or in the least slow down aging. I am talking about the vital organs not just your skin and other things. Heart, lungs, liver and main hormonal glands have shown considerable slowing and have better working capacity. Especially heart and liver…

People who do not or cannot have a morning schedule can at least spare a few asanas in the morning…like ten surya namaskaras and then later in the day workout completely with other asanas. Something is better than nothing…isn’t it?

Don’t be lazy…

Why should we be a early person…

  1. Discipline and a responsibility to your body is developed. The effect that the environmental factor has on your body can make you feel lazy and tired by the end of the day. So early morning when you are still fresh is best time.
  2. Body dehydrates during a workout…But yoga combined with early morning takes care of that. Even tough postures won get you fatigued.
  3. The faster you break your fast of the night, the better. Breakfast half an hour after exercising is best and since you are doing it in the early morning, you are not staring yourself too late. It helps speeding up your metabolism. You burn faster and can get your weight in control.

If you need specific time, early morning from 5.30 to 7.30 is the best time. Since it works on your mind as well…I have seen that it kept me calm even during the most trivial issues like an argument in office or waiting in a bus stop.

Just because it says early morning is best…don’t get disappointed and make sure to workout at least half an hour a day when ever you can. Don’t skip.

Set your clock…Make sure it’s too far for you reached and shut its voice…Kick off the bed and get on the floor. Happy working ladies 🙂

What is your time for Yoga ?


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