Yoga Poses For Busy Men

My Yoga Experience and Weight Loss

Yoga poses for busy men

Have you ever been thinking too much, mainly about Yoga but don’t find time to do it! For most people, it seems easier to invest hours thinking about investing in property than investing some amount, or even 20 minutes of the day in ourselves. If investing in property can yield you good monetary returns in the future; investing in Yoga can result in a healthy life in the future. Today let us talk about Yoga poses for busy men.

With regular practice, Yoga can keep your mind focused and allow you to increase productivity and efficiency for the day. These 4 exercises allow your body to grow effectively healthy.

Yoga poses for busy men

  • Forward Fold

(Strengthens legs, Knees, Calves and reduces Hamstrings)

How to do:

Stand straight with a foot width apart; Bend forward at your hips and lower down the main part of your body towards the floor. Take hold of your ankles to the opposite elbows with the opposite hands. Breathe deeply and relax your heads and shoulders. Now move cautiously towards your torso; Hold on for a minute and thus get back to a straight position.


A great exercise to kick-start your workout. It works well for releasing your tensions, lowers down blood pressure, and anxiety-related disorders.

  • Chair Pose

Yoga poses for busy men

(Stretches shoulders; strengthens thighs, spine, and ankles)

How to do:

Stand straight with your toes touching the floor. Raise your arms with an-inhale breath towards the ceiling alongside your head and neck. Allow your back to lengthen itself through the neck. Now, exhale your breath and start bending your knees in a posture, as if you are sitting on a chair. Your thighs would be parallel to the floor. With each breathe-in and breathe-out, lengthen your spine and sit a bit deeper. Keep your muscles engaged with your thighs pressed tightly. Hold on to your posture for 30 seconds.


The exercise helps you to lose the abdominal fat and strengthens your legs.

  • Hero Pose

Yoga for men

(Stretches knees and ankles)

How to do:

Keep your body on a kneeling position with your knees touching the floor. Keep out your heals alongside your buttocks, shifting your ankle and shin. Sit on your buttocks between your legs on to the floor. It is a progressive pose which can give you a strong stretching sensation. Hold on for a minute and then slowly inhale and exhale. 


It stabilizes and strengthens the knee joints and lubricates the tissues with the blood and oxygen. 

  • Warrior I

Yoga for men warrior pose

(Stretches shoulders; strengthens upper and lower body)

How to do:

Keep your right foot forward and shape your body in a crescent lunge posture. Spin your left toes and face it to the left side of the room by locking down your heels. Make sure your foot is parallel to the front of the room. Stretch your arm alongside your head with your palm closing opposite to each other. Drop down your shoulder and don’t allow your knee to change its position alongside toes. Hold on for a minute and then repeat the process.


It increases the stability around your knee.

The solemn purpose of yoga is to create peace in the physiological and spiritual fields in your tough life space. By regular practice of the Yoga poses for busy men, your presence of mind and skills increases giving you the harmony in the over all human existence.



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