5 Yoga Poses To Boost Mood Instantly!


Yoga Poses To Boost Mood Instantly!

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How do you feel today? All energized or dull and droopy? Usually there are days in life when your mood is totally off. The worst part is that you don’t even seem to know why you feel anxious, stressed and irritated. No matter how much you effort you put in to revive your good mood, you simply can’t do it.

It happens to all of us and you are not alone. Studies say that a crunch in the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain can affect an individual’s mood negatively. Now, you must be wondering what can be done about it?  Well, yoga can help you out! It is said that when you stretch you release hormones called endorphins that increase the flow of blood that is oxygen rich. By taking time out each day to do yoga poses will help in improving the circulation of blood and your mood.

Here are 5 yoga poses to boost mood instantly! You will be surprised to discover your frown change into a smile.

1) Fish pose

yoga for pms Fish-Pose Matsyasana

Fish pose or matsyasana helps in opening up the chest and throat, thereby allowing blood rich in oxygen to flow back to the throat and enter the brain. Fish pose is said to be helpful in managing anxiety. It reduces the aches and pains that can be the underlying reason of your bad mood. You should try to do fish pose right before heading to bed as it is a wonderful way of getting a good night’s sleep and be ready for the new dawn!

2) Child’s pose

balasana yoga for digestion

Child’s pose or balasana is a very common pose in yoga practices. The reason behind this is that it is restful and good for the brain. The pose makes the practitioner enter a dome-like shape that stretches the back, hips and the thighs. This stretching release endorphins and helps in calming down the mind.

3) Inversions

Downward dog yoga for strengthening the back

In yoga there are inversions such as the downward dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), headstand (Sirsasana) and big toe (Padangusthasana). These poses help in maintaining and lowering blood pressure. A high blood pressure can lead to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Unfortunately people suffering with these disorders have to bear the pain silently as the society at large is not aware of these problems.

The inversion poses in yoga also help to manage the symptoms linked with hormone challenges.

4) Boat pose

boat pose- Yoga for sexy abs

The boat pose is a great yoga pose for building a stronger core and strengthening your limbs. There is more to the pose, like you can think of sitting in a real boat and fighting the storm in the sea. While practicing this pose you fight the negative thoughts in your mind. Focus on your breathing and stay strong. Just remember that the sea will get calmer ahead. This will give some respite to your mind.

5) Balance poses

yoga tree pose weight loss

Poses such as tree pose (Vriksasana) or eagle pose (Garudasana) need concentration. By doing these poses, you take away all the troubles from your mind. Keep your focus on your breathing and the pose will help you stay in the moment and maintain your balance, both physically and mentally.

Practice these yoga poses to boost mood instantly!

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