Yogurt Diet For Weight Loss



Yogurt is one of the food that can be added to your diet if you plan for weight loss.

girl smoothie for weight loss

Yogurt helps you to have a flat abs, increases the muscle healing after the workout and also helps to reduce high blood pressure. Moreover, it is a high protein food that would help you stay full without increasing the calories gained. I would like to share a few yogurt based recipes for weight loss.

Yogurt smoothies

Yogurt has a slight sweet taste and can be used for making smoothies without sugar. During your weight loss workout, you tend to lose a lot of water. Reduction in water level would decrease your metabolism.

Yogurt mango smoothie

Cut mango and banana to fill half of a cup. Freeze them for a few hours. Blend the fruits together with plain yogurt.

Almond yogurt

almond smoothie

Soak the almonds for a few hours. Mix half cup of the soaked almonds with a few cashews. Add plain yogurt to it and blend till smooth. If you want the smoothie to look colorful; you can add a pinch of saffron to it.

Yogurt chicken recipe

Take two tablespoons of ginger garlic paste and mix it with turmeric (2 tablespoons), chili powder (2 tablespoon) and coriander powder (one tablespoon). Heat olive oil in a large pan and add fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds to it. Coat the chicken in the mixture and add the chicken pieces. Once the chicken is cooked, add yogurt, minced green chilies and salt. Cook till the mixture becomes thick.

yogurt chicken

Note: you need not add more than two tablespoons of oil as the chicken would give out some oil.

While buying yogurt; make sure to look out the label for fat and sodium content. If  the sodium content is more than 3.1 g per 100 g; it would not help you in your weight loss. Make sure to buy plain yogurt instead of fruit flavored ones.

P.S – check this low carb yogurt recipe here.

Do you plan to take up this Yogurt Diet for weight loss?

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