You Are What You Eat-What Does It Mean?


You Are What You Eat-What Does It Mean?

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You are what you eat! You would have heard this at least once in your lifetime. Do you know its actual meaning? It is not literally true! You won’t become like a cauliflower if you include lots of it in your diet. But most people say to overweight people, “You better stop eating ladoos you are as round as one!” so maybe somewhere the phrase seems to set in properly!

 You are what to you eat- relation between diet and health

Going back to history about how this phrase came into being, a Frenchman named Anthelme Brillat-Savarin had once said “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.” He literally didn’t mean it but the ever sweet English language embraced it and many years later the phrase got translated into English. It was a nutritionist who wanted to use the phrase to promote the idea of one’s diet having influence over health.

The human body is still a mystery! It is a complex system. The body builds new cells constantly and replaces old cells and so you know the speed? A million cells a second. Amazing, right? Till you reach the end of this post about 50 million cells would have been destroyed and recreated.

You Are What You Eat- Relation Between Diet And Health

human internal organs lined with vegetables

Now you must be wondering how this happens. The human body is able to create the new cells with the help of the nutrition in the food consumed by you day and day out! If thought as a manufacturing process, your food is the raw material and the body is the final finished product.

The quality and quantity of the cells that are manufactured depends on the nutritional content of the food. The cells can be that of any part of your body, your bone marrow, your organs, your hormones or your blood. You mental and physical health is also determined in this manner. So, ultimately it is the nutritional content of food that matters.

Every type of cell of your body has a different life span and has to be replaced after a specific time. The skin cells can live for two weeks and the cells of your colon die off in just 4 days! Red blood cells live for about 4 months whereas white blood cells can live for more than one year. The brain cells last a lifetime and sperm cells last only for a few days.

Thus, it is essential to eat a balanced and healthy diet consistently, not for a day or two but always. Only then can the body manage to carry out the wear and tear properly. Junk food is always alluring and attractive but you should stay away from it as it will do more harm than good for the body. The health of your body totally depends on the food you eat each day. You can’t eat healthy for a week and then get back to your old unhealthy ways of eating. It is essential to avoid as many processed foods as possible, don’t eat things that contain chemicals, colours, additives, hormones and added flavours. There are very few things that are free of additives. Everything packaged that you buy out of the supermarket shelf has some chemical or the other added to it. Studies have revealed that eating healthy and natural foods can help in reducing chronic illnesses by about 80%.

I know it is difficult as processed foods are very tempting but ultimately you have to decide whether you want to live a long and disease free life or fall ill and land up on the sick bed!

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