Zareen Khan On Weight Loss And Stretch Marks


Zareen Khan – Weight Loss And Stretch Marks


There have been some amazing body transformations in Bollywood. Divas like Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra have made laudable weight loss efforts. Both the stars have at some point of their careers been ridiculed for being heavier than the contemporary actresses. They both have been quite open about their weight loss struggles and have taken all the unwanted criticism head on! Way to go gals! In this post we will talk about what has been said by Zareen Khan on weight loss and stretch marks.

Zareen Khan has opened up on weight loss and her body image issues. Today she seems to be the fittest actress in tinsel town. Looking at her frame you would say that she that sort of a person who watches what she eats and doesn’t skip the gym even for a day. But do you know that this beauty weighed around 100 kilos before she stepped into Bollywood?

Now, why is Zareen Khan in the news? Well, this time she has posted her old pics on Facebook. In her post, she has written that when she looks at those pics in which she is overweight, she feels proud about the fact that she has successfully lost her excess weight. However, she has also made it clear that she didn’t feel any less about herself even at that point of time.

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There are a lot of people who have body image issues, everyone has some flaw or the other. People are not at peace with what they look, this makes most individuals insecure and conscious about their appearance. It is this opportunity that body shamers take and try to demotivate or pull the leg of the person who does not fit into their definition of a proper physique.

Just being overweight does not mean that a person is low on confidence or is ashamed of her/his body. It is totally the individual’s decision regarding what should be done with the body or how they want to look like. In her post Zareen Khan has written that even after being big, she never allowed the opinions and comments of others affect her self-confidence.

In her post, she has mentioned why she decided to lose weight and it was not because Bollywood was on her mind or she wanted to shape herself in a certain way. She has mentioned that she wanted to lose weight because she wanted to feel light and that is why gave weight loss a shot. Her journey was not an easy one but the results have been great. She started having more energy and began loving herself a lot more. Today fitness has become a way of life for her.

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There is a small downside with weight loss. When you have been around 100 Kgs and then lost all the weight, you have got to bear with stretch marks. Now Zareen Khan being an actress has a lot of pressure to have a flawless body. This is what the perspective of the public is. However, you would be amazed to know that Zareen is not ashamed of her stretch marks and is not trying to hide them. She is cool and ready to flaunt them as they make her feel like a tigress with stripes! Now this is what I call attitude.

Hope you found this post inspiring!

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