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Zenith Nutrition AgeFly Review

Hello everyone!

Everyone wants to steal the magic potion for eternal youth. Am I right? 😉 Many people go in for anti-aging creams, serums and expensive parlor treatments. They end up burning a hole in their pocket 😛 . I believe that healthy inside is beautiful outside. So I thought of trying an anti aging supplement. This supplement is called Zenith Nutrition AgeFly.

Zenith Nutrition AgeFly Review

My experience-How effective is Zenith Nutrition AgeFly?

I have been taking this supplement for about a month now and I am really happy with the results. This supplement does work pretty well! It has made my skin look radiant with an even tone. The fine lines on my face seem to have reduced and are less visible. Quite amazing! I will post my pics after another month of use.

Another benefit I noticed was reduced body ache. I do workout and my joints do pain when sore. I felt that my joints don’t ache like before. Zenith Nutrition Agefly works on hair too, but since I am taking Hairfab, I can’t comment on the contribution of this supplement 🙂

What makes Zenith Nutrition AgeFly so effective?

zenith nutrition agefly fitnessvsweightloss

You see, Zenith Nutrition AgeFly has Trans-Resveratrol (Grape skin extract) and grape seed extract in it. Resveratrol helps in retaining one’s youthful appearance. Trans-Reveratrol works like your DNA and is capable of triggering the natural renewal process of the skin. Damaged cells get destroyed and fresh cells re-grow resulting in a youthful and healthy tissue. When combined with a healthy diet and proper exercise, this supplement can promote weight loss and reduce blood pressure too. Your face can glow just by reducing weight, I am saying this with experience 🙂 . You can ward off heart disease and joint troubles if you maintain an ideal weight.

Resveratrol is found in certain plants and it is produced as an antibiotic to fight bacterial and fungal infections. The main sources of Resveratrol are grapes and the skin of grapes used in wine production. Other sources are raspberries, blueberries, mulberries and cranberries. Even peanuts are a major source of Resveratrol.

What makes Resveratrol different from other antioxidants? Well, it has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. It protects the brain and nervous system and helps in protecting the cells from free radical damage.

The supplement AgeFly has 200 mg of grape seed extract in every capsule. It has polyphenols. Polyphenols are flavonoids that are known for their antioxidant properties. They help in protecting the body against free radical damage and oxidative stress. One particular phenol present in grape seed helps in promoting healthy joints, healthy vision and a good circulatory system that is good for cardiovascular health. This phenol is called Procyanidin.

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and is a important component of healthy bones, hair, teeth, skin, gums and body tissues. Procyanidins are bound to collagen. This bond is helpful in promoting skin elasticity and cell health, so that the skin looks more youthful. The phenol procyanidins also protects the skin from sun damage that can cause premature skin aging. The phenol’s antioxidant power is 50 times more than that of vitamin C and 20 times greater than that of vitamin E.

Dosage of Zenith Nutrition AgeFly supplement

One capsule a day!


zenith nutrition agefly antiaging supplement

Pros of Zenith Nutrition AgeFly

  • Brings a radiant glow and makes the skin tone even
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Gives you healthy joints
  • It is pure vegetarian! Ooh yeah, I love vegetarian supplements 😛
  • It is gluten free, sugar/sweetener free, flavour free, milk free, artificial colour free.

These are Pros I experienced, although the supplement offers more benefits as mentioned above 🙂

Cons of Zenith Nutrition AgeFly

  • Nothing. It is a bit expensive but since anti aging creams and serums retail at the same price, Zenith Nutrition AgeFly is worth considering its effects !

If you have any questions about Agefly, feel free to ask 🙂

Are you going to try Zenith Nutrition AgeFly to remain youthful?

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