Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba Review


Review Of Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba

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It is Zenith time again! Presenting Zenith Nutrition’s Ginkgo Biloba!

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Have you ever heard of the Ginkgo tree? You must not have! Well, here is a bit about it. The Ginkgo tree has been there for millions of years but its true value has been recognized only in the past few decades. Medicinally, ginkgo biloba has shown promise as a circulatory aid, helping in increasing the flow of blood to the brain. This is useful for ailments like memory loss, vertigo, headaches, tinnitus, and depression especially in the elderly people and aged people not responding to antidepressant drugs. Evidence is available to show that gingko helps in relieving cerebral insufficiency (a decrease in the brain’s blood supply).

Now you may wonder what Ginkgo biloba is. Well, you get it from the ginkgo tree’s leaves. Ginkgo biloba is full of flavanoids and antioxidants. And there is no doubt that flavanoids and antioxidants are great for health. They help fight free radical damage and prevent diseases such as cancer.

Studies say that this herb Ginkgo biloba that was first used in China, has the capability of improving cognitive function that helps in increasing memory, mental sharpness and concentration. This means it is good for the brain.

Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba 60 mg

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Price: 499 for 90 VegiCaps

Pros of Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba

  • Vegetarian capsules
  • No sugar
  • No flavour
  • No added colour
  • Lactose free (suitable for those intolerant to lactose)
  • Free of toxins

Cons of Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba

I don’t see any!

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My experience

I am taking these supplements and let me tell you that they work really well. They are also value for money. Zenith Nutrition is a trusted brand and it’s products are of good quality.

Dosage: Take one capsule thrice a day with your meals.

If you are an expecting mom, lactating mom or suffer from a health condition, then it would be wise to take the doctor’s nod before consuming these supplements.

You can purchase Zenith Nutrition Ginkgo Biloba from here- click!

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